Without going hungry So Susi lost 53 kilos

Even as a teenager, Susi weighed 120 kilograms, high blood pressure was a problem for the computer scientist. You can read here how she lost 53 kilos.

“Looking back, I have to say that I always ate far too much and high-calorie,” says Susanne from Hamburg. “For example, a whole pack of noodles. A maxi menu at McDonalds late in the evening – after dinner. On the couch just for dessert three packs of chocolate – every day.”

Susanne, who captivates well over 200,000 followers with her Instagram channel “Susis_Abnahmeweg”, weighed 120 kilos more than eight years ago. When women’s clothes no longer fit her and she had to go shopping in the men’s department and her gynecologist even asked her about her overweight, the computer scientist pulled the ripcord and began to turn her life upside down.

Susanne became “fat Susi”

Susanne had people around her who only ever did something with her in their free time when it came to feasting. So her friends and acquaintances didn’t have a bad conscience themselves. “Some acquaintances were uncomfortable with the volume of the meals I shoveled in. They said half was enough or said things like ‘Eat less, then you’ll lose weight'” health/weight-loss-nutrition/.”

This is how Susanne became “fat Susi”, with whom you could do anything. When it comes to food!

“When I lost weight, however, some people got angry about the topic. Many turned away from me after I lost a few kilos. That was probably because “fat Susi”, with whom you could always feast, was no longer there existed.”

Weight loss queen Susi: “I was so desperate and frustrated because I was getting fatter and fatter”

The Hamburg woman, who is so extremely fun-loving today, had tried again and again to lose weight. “I was so desperate and frustrated because I was getting fatter and fatter,” says Susi. The clothes didn’t fit anymore, Susi couldn’t go shopping in “normal” shops anymore.

“Unfortunately, every time I radically forbade myself things or even ate things that I didn’t like. Always hoping to lose weight,” was her conclusion today about the wrong way.

“The diet lasted a few days or at most a few weeks, until I threw everything away and then had one eating attack after the other.” As a result, Susanne has also fallen victim to the notorious “yo-yo effect” more than once. “I ate more than before.” Like on a roller coaster. It went up and down.

Roller coaster experience makes Susi change her life

And then there was the gruesome story with a real roller coaster that finished her off. Susi had queued at an amusement park for over an hour. The anticipation was great. The disillusionment a thunderbolt. The safety bar could not be adjusted.

“I was then put in another seat – for a little more corpulent people. But that didn’t go down either and so I had to leave the roller coaster before everyone else, full of shame. Everyone looked at me maliciously. That was infinitely embarrassing. This horrible one Right now I’ll never forget.”

Without a diet: So Susi lost 53 kilograms

“There were several points that shook me up,” explains Susanne, who has since risen to social media awareness. “For one thing, I was terrified of the number on the scale. It wasn’t just three digits, it also cracked 120 kg! And that was an extreme shock moment.”

And further: “I didn’t fit into any clothes anymore, couldn’t shop normally. I even had to buy bra extensions in the underwear store because my size was too big.” And it got even worse: she often had to shop in the men’s department, which of course made Susanne extremely uncomfortable.

“I went to see my gynaecologist, who is also a good friend. It was the first time she had spoken to me very directly about my overweight. If the immediate environment like the family asked me about it, I always blocked it directly, but my gynecologist was very straightforward! That really hit me and aroused my ambition. My standard saying was always ‘I’ve already lost 5 – 10 kg’. But she wasn’t interested in that at all. So I told her that by the next visit I’ll have really lost weight and of course I’ll prove that to her and to myself.” That’s how it ended up being.

53 kilos away: Susi’s tips for new eating habits

Of course, Susi didn’t lose the 53 kilos all at once. “Losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. We didn’t get fat(he) overnight. Losing weight takes time and personally I’m more of a fan of slow weight loss – but sustainable. A calorie deficit that is too high quickly turns negative and leads to cravings, binge eating or poses health risks.”

Susanne therefore believes that it is absolutely not expedient to set yourself a schedule: “It is counterproductive, because the body is not a machine. Even if we can calculate purely mathematically how high the calorie deficit would have to be for this, the practice is of course different. It’s also the scales that like to turn your head. Water retention from periods, stress, salty food, carbohydrates and the like can make it appear as if we are not losing weight, which is not true.”

In the end, she always failed to set a specific kilogram target because she had put herself under pressure. “Which meant pure stress for me. And then I was disappointed, absolutely frustrated and pissed off. Instead of continuing, I gave up my diets.”

“I have fixed routines and dishes that make my everyday life damn easy. I avoid sugar as much as possible, instead I use alternatives that are much tastier but have fewer calories.”

For example, this could be Coke Zero instead of Cola, light products such as cream cheese, granular cream cheese, Gouda Light, quark bowls with low-fat quark, fruit and a low-calorie sugar substitute, Big Mac Bowl instead of burgers.

“I didn’t have any routines before, I just ate whenever I felt like it. I wouldn’t be able to eat like I used to, because sometimes I don’t like it and then I don’t feel well either.”

The 33-year-old is a real star on social media. Susi’s clips up tik tok has been viewed over six million times. On her Instagram channel “Susi_Weight LossThe Hamburg native shares her life, her experiences, her routines with her now more than 200,000 followers and speaks openly and honestly about everything – unembellished and unfiltered. And thus helps thousands of people on their way to a healthier self.

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