Dangerous Consequences This is what happens when you hold back a bowel movement

Actually, you really need to go to the toilet right now – that often happens in the most stupid situations. Then you might be holding back a bowel movement.

But this is a mistake that can bring bad consequences. Stomach pain and flatulence are harmless consequences.

Leaving feces in the intestines for too long can have far worse effects.

Those who suppress bowel movements risk digestive problems and pain

At some point, the feces have to get out of the intestines. The body wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible and signals this to you. As long as the droppings are not removed, nothing can follow from above.

The intestine is blocked and cannot fulfill its task. If the intestines are not emptied in time because you are suppressing the bowel movement, digestive problems can occur. Flatulence, a feeling of fullness or even nausea can be the result.

And there is another problem: faeces not only contains nutritional components, but also pollutants – and that is exactly why it should not stay in the intestine for long.

Never suppress a bowel movement

The feces can also harden. The bowel movement can then become painful. If you have harder bowel movements, you have to push harder, which can result in hemorrhoids. An anal fissure cannot be ruled out either, as the intestine is very sensitive. That’s why you should go to the toilet as soon as possible if you really have to – holding back for long is not good for the body and can cause unpleasant problems.

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