A fit start to the day Nine morning routines will definitely wake you up

Do you find it hard to get going in the morning? We have simple routines that are sure to get your day off to a better start.

The alarm clock rings, you jump out of bed and are immediately in a good mood? Or are you one of those people who just can’t get going in the morning and only really get going later in the day?

This can now be over: We will tell you about morning rituals that will make it easier for you to start the day.

By the way, you can see which three routines in the morning are not good for your skin in the video above.

It depends on the right alarm clock

When you let yourself be woken up by a shrill, loud alarm clock, it’s no wonder you get in a bad mood. Instead, set a nice melody or your favorite radio station as an alarm to wake you up gently.

Special lamps wake you up with light (but that may not be enough for deep sleepers to wake up). There are also special apps and bracelets that can even determine your deep sleep phases and ensure that you are not torn out of one. So you wake up less “tired”.

If you get up earlier, you avoid stress in the morning

The biggest stress factor in the morning is lack of time. The solution: get up earlier to start the day relaxed. To do this without abruptly changing your circadian rhythm, just take it slow: Set your alarm just a minute earlier each morning. This is how you approach the new time to get up step by step. And we all know that even a minute in the morning is worth its weight in gold.

Take time for the most important meal of the day and enjoy a balanced, healthy breakfast with proteins (e.g. from eggs) and long-lasting carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread or oatmeal with fruit. Then the day can come with all its challenges – you are definitely well prepared!

It’s also worth getting up early because you can work in peace. Whoever shows up first in the office has already done a lot before the others arrive – and can call it a day earlier.

First thing in the morning, really stretch and stretch

Open your eyes and grab your cell phone first? Admittedly, nothing earth-shattering has happened overnight, has it? Instead of wasting precious time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, use the first few minutes of the new day for the following morning rituals.

You don’t even have to get up for this: stretch and stretch in bed for a few moments to get out of “sleep paralysis”. Gently stretch your neck and massage your temples. Intuitively follow your body’s desires.

Start the morning consciously and calmly with a meditation. Go into yourself, hide worries, thoughts and duties and let go for a few minutes – also with the mantra “let” (when breathing in) and “go” (when breathing out). Those who meditate regularly strengthen their attention, concentration and become more resistant to stress.

Shower works wonders

The shower also helps enormously when waking up in the morning. Shampoos and shower gels that contain refreshing substances such as citrus fruits help to get fit. During the shower and subsequent styling, you can boost your waking up process as follows: Turn on your favorite music and increase the release of endorphins. Dancing is absolutely allowed!

You want happiness hormones? Exercise in the morning helps

Most would agree that the thought of lacing up your running shoes at 5:30 am and sprinting through the woods doesn’t exactly inspire you to get out of bed in a hurry. But successful people like ex-US President Obama swear by fitness in the morning.

To make this easier for you, make an exercise date with a friend, or maybe hire a personal trainer to kick your tired butt.

An early walk makes you feel better

You don’t necessarily have to run, even a walk in the morning ensures a healthy start to a sometimes stressful day. And if it’s just the way to the bakery or you get off one bus stop earlier. A few steps in the fresh air should always be an option – especially if you’re a desk worker and get a taste of office air all day long.

Open the window in the bedroom and take a deep breath

It’s pouring rain and/or you don’t have the time or desire to go outside before work? No problem. Then open the windows at least in the morning and breathe in and out deeply. Fresh plants in the apartment also create a better indoor climate. Just smell them. Or do you prefer the smell of coffee?

coffee in the morning? Better not on an empty stomach

There’s nothing wrong with coffee in the morning. However, you start the day fitter and healthier if you don’t immediately give your body a caffeine shock on an empty stomach.

Why you should drink lemon with water

Better to grab water with lemon first. Because citrus fruits not only act as a stimulant from the outside in the shower gel, but also wake up the body from the inside. As an alkaline food, the lemon balances acids in the body and, when drunk on an empty stomach, transports the accumulated toxins out of the night. And also stimulates digestion!

Then drink a freshly squeezed glass of juice. Grapefruit, orange and sea buckthorn are vitamin bombs that not only prevent colds, but also get the brain going quickly in the morning. Afterwards you are welcome to make yourself a coffee (tea would be the most stomach-friendly, but an espresso is also okay).

You should then enjoy the coffee in peace – without television in the background. You can organize your thoughts: write a diary or create a realistic to-do list that you can work your way along. Every crossing out of a completed task motivates!

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