Welcome to the “Mommune” why single mothers are now moving in together

Life as a single parent can be quite challenging. A solution could be a trend from the USA: “Mommunen”.

Kristin Batykefer lives in a “mommune”. If you can’t imagine anything, you should visit the young woman’s Instagram page. Because there she shares her experiences in the Mommune under the account “Beachykefer”. The information about her performance reads that she is on a “healing journey”.

WG with single mothers

What is striking about her numerous contributions: The American shines quite a bit into the camera. Her life in the “Mommune”, which she talks about in her posts, seems to make her happy. But what exactly is a “mommune”? Very simple: It is a kind of community with like-minded people, other single mothers.

Kristin Batykefer: This is how it is to live in a “mommune”

In this video, for example, Katy Batekefer describes how she is taken care of when she is sick. In this situation she is so thankful for her “support system” consisting of three other mothers who then take everything off her shoulders so that she can really recover. They cook, they bake her cookies and the children go to the park to play with the other mothers. Sounds tempting, right?

In the “Mommune” we help each other

Especially for single mothers who have to cope with all the challenges without a partner, it can quickly become quite exhausting and tedious. So the idea of ​​joining forces in a shared household with other mothers in the same situation actually makes sense. Because who could understand their own worries and challenges better than other single parents? In the “Mommune”, the roommates share tasks and costs, the duties of raising children and the household chores. This form of living together and mutual support is said to find more and more supporters in the USA.

In the case of Kristin Batykefer, “Mommune” came about as “” reports: her marriage had broken down and she and her daughter were taken in by two friends in Florida. Kristin’s friend Tessa Gilder also experienced a divorce shortly afterwards – and also moved in with her two children.

Kristin Batykefer: Why should you do everything alone?

Batykefer told the New York Times that after separating from her husband, she could only think about how to do everything on her own. Buying a house, paying her bills and raising her child alone: ​​”I never thought of finding another single mother to live with and do it all together.” It just happened, as she says. And now she can’t understand why this concept isn’t already much more common.

Maybe that’s why she advertises it so much on her Instagram channel. In any case, the many enthusiastic comments prove her right.

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