Top fit at the age of 60 Demi Moore swears by 5 nutrition tips

Actress Demi Moore (60) looks back on a 40-year film career. She played in classics like “Ghost – Message from Sam” (1990), “An Immoral Proposal” (1993) or “The Jane Files” (1997) and became a world star. But that also had its price, because her dazzling appearance was not only her talent but also her capital. And Hollywood can be merciless when it comes to pounds.

According to “”, in her 2019 memoir “Inside Out” she describes how she used to be exposed to extreme diets for her roles. But that’s over because: “I had to learn to stop fighting my body and eventually make peace with it.” And she succeeded, with the following nutritional tips.

Demi Moore has completely avoided ready meals

At Demi, however, no finished products are ever served. And that also applies to industrially produced bread and sausage from the factory. But that doesn’t mean she’s completely abstaining from meat.

The focus of their diet is on fresh produce, especially vegetables, fruit, legumes and nuts – the fresher and more natural, the better. And in order to preserve the nutrients in the products, she cooks her dishes at a maximum of 50 degrees – or eats them straight away as raw food.

exercise and protein

Demi is a sports enthusiast, she loves to swim and surf, she does intensive yoga and also works with weights. After a training session, she prefers proteins, such as lean meat, fish or legumes. This helps her build strong and defined muscle mass, which in turn helps her exercise.

Watch out for good fats

With the exception of a little lean meat in between, Demi dispenses almost entirely with animal fats and the saturated fatty acids they contain. Cream, butter or mayonnaise and the like have had their day for her, for her it has to be unsaturated fatty acids, for example omega-3. That’s why she uses a lot of linseed or olive oil and fish and nuts are also regularly on the menu.

Carbohydrates are not just carbohydrates

Many people think of carbohydrates as fattening foods. But that’s not true and Demi knows that too. The carbohydrates in whole grain products such as bread, rice or pasta as well as potatoes or green vegetables provide valuable energy without sticking. They ensure a healthy blood sugar level – and these high-fiber foods also fill you up in the long term.

These foods fill you up and help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Eat intuitively

Demi Moore largely doesn’t follow a fixed mealtime these days. She eats when she is hungry and what she feels like and stops when she is full. She has sworn off eating for pleasure and frustration. Behind this is also the thought of listening to your body, because it knows best what and how much of it it needs. Feelings of fullness or bloating are also a thing of the past.

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