The Fat Killer 2023 Get slim fast with the apple diet!

Summer is here and with it the bikini season. Women in particular are starting to think more about their figure. If you want to lose weight quickly, you should try the new apple diet. Because the fruit turns out to be a real miracle cure!

A study by the University of Pennsylvania in the USA has shown that eating apples every day saves up to 200 calories a day. Because apples, with their ingredients such as pectin, potassium, vitamin C and magnesium, not only stimulate the metabolism and fat burning, but also curb the appetite.

Lose up to five pounds!

Good reasons to try the apple diet right away. Eat at least two apples a day, preferably with the main meals. Whether cooked or raw! The pectin contained in the apple ensures that the food stays longer in the digestive tract and that you are full for longer. You should drink plenty of water for this.

If you keep it up for a month, you can lose up to five kilos. That is not enough? Then there is the hardcore version for quick success. You eat only apples for a week. It should be at least five to six apples a day. If you also drink a lot of water – preferably three liters – you can lose five kilos in just one week!

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