Stomach pain You shouldn’t eat these foods together

Do you often have stomach pains, but don’t really know where they come from? Eating certain foods together is not necessarily doing your body any good. We say what you should eat separately from each other.

Can’t resist a cool banana milkshake or a delicious scrambled egg and cheese? But afterwards you often get stomach problems? There are certain foods that are best not eaten together, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. In the gallery, I’ll show you which foods go well together according to Indian Ayurveda teachings and which are better eaten separately…

Melon with ham? Not a good idea!

In general, you should eat melon separately from any other food. You should also avoid combining them with other fruits to reduce the risk of stomach pain.

After eating fruit? Better to wait a bit

It is best to always eat fruit at a distance from other foods. They are also not ideal as a dessert. Because then the fructose stays in the stomach for too long and begins to ferment. But of course it’s still healthier to eat strawberries for dessert than a creamy chocolate pudding.

Especially with fruits with a high sugar content, such as bananas, it is advisable to eat them separately. Either for breakfast or as a snack in between.

According to Ayurveda, however, the following combinations are taboo:

Muesli with fruit – not always a good idea

Breakfast cereals combined with fruit can cause stomach pain. On the other hand, nuts, seeds and yoghurt are fine, and dried dates are not a problem in muesli. Milk, on the other hand, is…

Eggs and dairy products can cause abdominal pain

According to Ayurveda, eggs and dairy products are difficult to combine. It is best to eliminate milk from the diet entirely and replace it with alternatives.

Bad news for pizza fans: Cheese and tomatoes don’t mix

Cheese in combination with nightshade plants, i.e. tomatoes, aubergines, chili, peppers or potatoes, could also cause problems in the digestive tract. Even though the combination with mozzarella or parmesan tastes pretty good, it is still difficult to digest.

Therefore, a tomato and cheese bread, a Greek salad with feta and peppers and even pizza are not good recommendations for people with sensitive stomachs.

Cheese and potatoes are too much to digest

A good potato gratin simply needs roasted cheese on top. But that can cause problems with the stomach, especially if eggs were also used for the gratin.

Mac & Cheese – hardly any problems for digestion

Cheese and fruit are also not a good combination for our stomachs. Vegetables that do not belong to the nightshade family are no problem in combination with cheese. So you can enjoy mac & cheese or a broccoli gratin without hesitation.

Be careful with raw food

If the stomach doesn’t play along, we even have to cut corners when it comes to salads. Raw food is generally difficult to digest. Especially cucumber in combination with peppers or tomatoes could lead to digestive problems …

Don’t eat eggs and fish together

It is better to avoid eggs with fish and meat if you want to do something good for your stomach. However, grain products such as rice are not a problem in Ayurveda as an accompaniment to fish and meat.

You can safely use butter to sear fish and meat. However, Ayurveda recommends using the edible fat ghee instead.

Basically, fresh food is always the better choice

It is also important to remember that you should always choose freshly prepared food that does not contain any additives over processed foods. If you have leftovers from the day before and want to reheat, don’t add any new ingredients. Either all fresh or all “leftover”.

Preventing digestive problems: That helps

It’s good to drink plenty of still water throughout the day to prevent digestive problems. Best way to start the day: drink warm water with fresh lemon on an empty stomach. And: Have a large glass of water half an hour before eating (that tames hunger), don’t drink anything during the meal, only drink it afterwards.

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