Stay slim Feast and stay slim: This is how you keep your ideal figure at Easter

The Easter lamb, the many cookies and the Sunday roast: Easter invites you to feast. But no worry! Use these tips to avoid gaining weight over the holidays.

Feast and stay slim

All kinds of sweet temptations await us at Easter. Ham and chocolate bunnies, roast and little exercise – a bad combination for the slim figure. But no worry! You don’t have to torture yourself to stay slim over the Easter holidays. A few simple tips and tricks will make your lean life easier.

Sport instead of sitting around – this is how you spend Easter actively!

On public holidays like Easter, it’s not just bad for the figure that we treat ourselves to one or the other treat. Worse, if we just sit around all day, we don’t burn off all the calories we eat. At the different meals alone, the family often sits at the table for hours and in between… actually, too, right? Easter is the perfect opportunity for joint activities! When everyone is free, use the time to go out with your family. Finally back to the zoo or the forest. A long walk also burns calories! Or how about you all go to the fun pool together? It’s fun and you’ll burn the calories at the same time…

Feast anyway: At Easter you should treat yourself to something!

However, you should not overdo it with the calorie saving. You know the saying: “You don’t gain weight between Christmas and New Year’s, but between New Year’s and Christmas!” Of course, this also applies to Easter. So we can treat ourselves to something from time to time. It is more important to work consistently on your own figure goals throughout the year. If you always eat healthily, you can treat yourself to a few more calories on the few festival days of the year!

The Easter professional tip: Unhealthy becomes very healthy

Of course, there are a few sweets that you can treat yourself to. So that the calorie balance doesn’t get too out of hand in the end, you can replace one or the other sweet sin with a lighter alternative:

Real egg instead of chocolate egg

Even if it’s difficult for all of us: If you exchange one or the other chocolate egg for a real one, you’re doing your character a big favor without giving up the Easter joy. Because: The colorful eggs typical of Easter have far fewer calories than the sinfully delicious chocolate eggs. In addition, the real eggs ensure a longer-lasting feeling of satiety – so you only feel the need to eat something hours later.

carrot cake instead of chocolate

A real Easter classic is the carrot cake. It’s not completely calorie-free either, but if you choose a low-fat or even vegan recipe, you’ll get through the Easter days much healthier. And it’s delicious too!

This is how you succeed in making a low-fat Easter roast

Honestly, a fat roast goose doesn’t have to be at Easter, does it? Game, veal or fish are just as suitable for a fine Easter menu, but are much lower in fat. Extra tip: Refine the gravy with pureed vegetables. It has fewer calories than cream and even gives it a special flavor boost.

Sinfully sweet: This is how you resist the many delicious temptations

The problem is usually not the lack of goodwill. In fact, temptations lurk everywhere. Avoiding them saves calories:

Out of reach: Sweet Easter treats should not be in the living room around the clock. Only put out the Easter basket for conscious snacking times and then put it away again.

Reminder: Leave the glittering paper of the unwrapped Easter eggs on the table in front of you. They remind you how much you’ve eaten.

No Mixtures: If you buy a colorful mix of different chocolate eggs, of course you want to try them all. An American study has even shown that we eat more when we buy colorful mixes. So just buy your favorite variety.

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