Stay fit in old age That is Barbara Becker’s fitness secret

The 56-year-old actress, designer and author Barbara Becker (56) feels fitter than ever in her current body. In doing so, she relies on very specific methods. In an interview with “Women’s Health”, the power woman reveals what she does to keep fit.

The secrets behind her dream body

The busy actress focuses on Pilates, yoga and flexibility sessions. It is important to her to incorporate at least a few fascial swing movements a day, even in a busy everyday life, if the time does not allow for a longer workout. In addition, the 56-year-old also relies on simple jogging units to keep fit.

In terms of nutrition, Becker relies on false fasting. Nevertheless, she emphasizes: “In my opinion, it comes down to 3 things: continuous exercise, healthy eating and accepting old age.” Because she is the best example of how to feel comfortable in your own body even at an older age and how to shine in a top body.

At Becker, health is paramount

For Barbara Becker, health is paramount: “It’s no longer just about looks, speed and beautiful muscles, but now more about mobility, freedom from pain and health. I want to age well and, if possible, longer without pain and illness be.”

She says that she doesn’t need to motivate herself to exercise because for her, fitness and a balanced diet are part of her daily routine and therefore part of her life.

But even with Barbara Becker there are times when she feasts, especially when she is out or traveling. After such phases, the power woman then relies on the false fasting method, which works well for her.

Barbara Becker has found her method of keeping fit and leading a balanced lifestyle with false fasting and mobility units such as Pilates. Barbara’s routines also make it clear: balance is key!

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