Proper support That’s why you should never train without a sports bra

Running is not only healthy and makes you fit. You also burn a lot of calories and can train anytime, anywhere. In addition to good shoes, you should also make sure that you wear suitable sportswear. We explain why a sports bra suitable for jogging is particularly important.

Jogging has long been one of the most popular sports. No wonder, because the many health benefits of sport include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • improvement of blood circulation
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • antidepressant effect
  • Improvement in cholesterol levels

It not only improves your stamina and condition, but is also a perfect sport to lose weight in a healthy way. For example, you can burn almost 500 calories in an hour with slow jogging. On top of that, you can train pretty much anywhere and don’t need any machines or additional equipment.

If you want to start jogging, the first thing you think of is good running shoes – a suitable and fitting sports bra is also important for women to train safely and healthily.

Exercising without a sports bra will damage your breasts

neck pain
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A sports bra that fits is not only a must for running, but also for regular exercise in general – regardless of the type of sport or cup size. Because it supports your breasts and distributes their weight evenly, so that your shoulders and back are not overly strained.

Exercising without a sports bra puts you at risk of health problems, such as chest, neck and back pain, or permanent damage to the connective tissue in your breasts, which can cause them to lose shape and sag over time.

Especially when running, the chest is particularly stressed by the movements. For example, without a bra, your breasts can move up and down up to 9 centimeters per step jogging. It is therefore particularly important when running to wear a sports bra that is specially designed for jogging.

Must-have for jogging: a matching run bra

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A run bra is a sports bra developed specifically for running, which gives your breasts extra support, supports them particularly well and absorbs springy movements better. This not only protects your breasts, neck, shoulders and back from sports injuries, but you can even run faster. An unsuitable sports bra and the resulting, disruptive breast movements can cause you to lose up to 4 centimeters in stride when jogging.

How to find the perfect run bra

Run Bra Finder

However, it is not only important to use a sports bra that is specially designed for jogging. A suitable model and the right size also play a major role.

According to a study by Brooks, an international manufacturer of running shoes and running clothing, 68 percent of the participants wear a sports bra when jogging. However, only five percent of these runners use a suitable run bra that is suitable for running. 44 percent of those surveyed also do not know exactly which size is right for them.

Providers of run bras, such as Brooks, therefore now offer the option of using a Run Bra Finder to search for a running bra specially adapted to your preferences.

With this you can not only determine the right size, but also specify personal preferences, such as your preferred cup model (integrated or removable cups).

Brooks’ search function also offers the opportunity to specify exactly what bothered you about your old sports bra (like the straps digging into your shoulders) and what you want from your new model (like adjustable straps). and finds the perfect run bra for you based on the information you provide.

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