Prof. Werner Mang Stay beautiful – without any action on my part

Elon Musk has lost 15 kilograms. But he couldn’t do that without helping out. Musk admitted to injecting Ozempic. This is a drug that diabetic patients have to take regularly.

Not only does it regulate blood sugar, but it also causes those affected to have less appetite. But there are other side effects. Ozempic increases the risk of developing thyroid cancer. Ingestion can also lead to tiredness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian and pop star Lady Gaga have also recently slimmed down significantly. Unlike Elon Musk, however, these celebrities say they’ve lost weight through exercise, exercise, and diet.

Even as a cosmetic surgeon you sometimes have to say no

The world has already gone mad

Nevertheless, the question arises as to how such a weight loss injection actually works. Ozempic is injected once or twice a week and contains the active ingredient semaglutide. This activates the pancreas and lowers blood sugar.

When I look at the side effects, I advise my patients: “You can lose these ten to 15 kilos through discipline, a pescetarian diet, exercise, sport, few carbohydrates, lots of protein and not drinking alcohol.” Health before beauty, I always say.

In addition, with such a lifestyle change, you lose weight in a controlled and gentle way. With the weight-loss injection, certain areas of the skin sometimes become slack. For example on the stomach, thighs or arms.

My God, it can’t be difficult to have a disciplined diet and not to be injected with drugs that have serious side effects. The world has gone crazy, but if Elon Musk is going to go to Mars soon, then of course he has to be slim…

Every fourth child in Germany is overweight

In today’s column, I would like to advise my patients to pay attention to their weight and their health, because that is the greatest good.

Every fourth child in Germany is overweight. This is usually due to poor diet and lack of exercise. This is where medicine and politics have to intervene. There should be more sport at school and attention should be paid to healthy eating at school. In this way we can avoid many diseases and our health system is no longer so burdened.

In my opinion, a ban on smoking and alcohol in schools makes sense. This is where the course is set for future diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.

Prof. Werner Mang: He’s 60, she’s 35: why I’m operating on more and more men

I am undiplomatic and honest

Sometimes I ask myself whether I should go into politics and replace Mr. Lauterbach. An exciting task, but my life takes place in the OR. I would be unsuitable as a politician because I am undiplomatic and honest.

So on to the bikini figure without Ozempic. If you’ve read this column, walk at least 10,000 steps a day, eat healthily, avoid sweets, alcohol and nicotine.

If you enjoy life and work, then you also have a healthy sleep, which is important for the regeneration of the skin. This is how you stay beautiful, without Mang.

About the columnist: Prof. Dr. dr Werner L. Mang is Germany’s best-known cosmetic surgeon, chief physician at the largest clinic for aesthetic surgery in Germany and president of the International Society for Aesthetic Medicine. Prof. Mang keeps fit with a pescetarian diet and sports and is still in the operating room every day. For he regularly reports on his daily routine in the clinic, celebrity surgeries and the latest beauty trends of stars worldwide.

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