Prof. Werner Mang Rhinoplasty for 200 euros? Stay away from cheap surgeries!

“Keep your hands off charlatans” – by that I mean horror and dumping offers from so-called “cosmetic surgeons” who in reality have no training in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

It’s a billion dollar market. There are companies that offer nose corrections in 15 minutes for 200 euros. With sometimes fatal results. Others sell breast implants for 2000 euros. That can’t go well, because high-quality implants, specialist anesthesia and monitoring alone cost 2000 euros.

Patients pay 1,000 euros for alleged liposuction without seeing any effect. Or they spend money on fat injections in the butt to get a butt like Kim Kardashian. With sometimes fatal consequences.

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Don’t let yourself be seduced by the first conversation

We see all of this during our consultation hours at the Bodenseeklinik. It doesn’t have to be. Often it’s just about acquiring money and patients. So beware of dubious offers on the Internet! Do not trust any grandiose promises.

Instead, ask whether the doctor is a specialist in plastic surgery or has the additional title “plastic surgery”, because both of these titles are protected by the Medical Association.

All other “cosmetic doctors” have no surgical training. Do not let yourself be seduced by the first consultation, but contact another doctor again. Cheap surgeries are often twice as expensive. I also warn against surgical tourism abroad.

Patients come to us from all over the world

You have to educate the patient about all the risks, use the right surgical technique and also ensure good aftercare, then aesthetic plastic surgery is a very safe and wonderful area.

More than half of the operations at the Bodenseeklinik are plastic-reconstructive procedures. Then of course there is all the geriatric surgery, which involves drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes and facelifts. We also perform reconstructive breast and abdominal surgeries.

Patients from all over the world come to us with severe disfigurements. For example Mr. Zimmer, who wandered from doctor to doctor. Nobody wanted to interfere with him. We then operated on him in December before Christmas.

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Fine corrections after one year

He has a new life and that’s what’s fulfilling for me. I am fascinated by facial surgery. Of course, we also have a department for aesthetic medicine and cosmetics at the Bodenseeklinik.

We carry out such treatments in the GMecial Spa – under the direction of my daughter, Dr. Gloria Viktoria Mang. We test all innovative new beauty therapies before we offer them to our patients.

A year later we will make fine adjustments to Mr. Zimmer, but the patient is already so happy and said to me at the final meeting: “I’m currently restoring an old Porsche, it gives me a lot of pleasure, but what you restore every day is unique . Thank you, Professor.”

About the columnist: Prof. Dr. dr Werner L. Mang is Germany’s best-known cosmetic surgeon, chief physician at the largest clinic for aesthetic surgery in Germany and president of the International Society for Aesthetic Medicine. Prof. Mang keeps fit with a pescetarian diet and sports and is still in the operating room every day. For he regularly reports on his daily routine in the clinic, celebrity surgeries and the latest beauty trends of stars worldwide.

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