Princess Kate’s slimming secret: the diet she uses to keep her dream figure

Even if Princess Kate (41) has been part of the royal family for more than eleven years and is in the public eye – she has hardly changed over time. Although she has now given birth to three children, in 2023 she is still as slim and slender as in the wedding photos.

The high-protein Dukan diet is said to be partly responsible for this. We explain how the diet works. We will also give you tips on how easy it is to follow the nutrition plan.

Princess Kate: This is behind the Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet was developed in France in the late 1970s by nutritionist Dr. developed by Pierre Dukan. The basic idea is relatively simple: You do without almost all carbohydrates and focus your diet on proteins instead. In addition, you stimulate your metabolism with a daily portion of oat bran. In addition to changing your diet, you should also drink two liters of water a day during the diet.

The Dukan Diet: The French’s Slimming Secret

from Dr. Pierre Ducan

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Dukan Diet: Four steps to your ideal weight

In order for the Dukan diet to work, you should stick to the sequence of the four different phases.

Stage 1: The attack phase

At the beginning of the diet, in the “attack” phase, fats and carbohydrates are forbidden. In return, you can consume unlimited lean proteins. A good source of this is white-fleshed fish such as cod, pollack, and halibut, or even lean meats. Dairy products, such as skimmed milk or buttermilk, are also allowed. In addition, it is important that you consume 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran every day.

Stage 2: The build-up phase

After about seven to ten days, the “build-up phase” begins. In addition to the foods from the first phase, you can now supplement your diet with fresh, low-sugar vegetables such as cucumbers or tomatoes. You should also increase your daily ration of oat bran to two tablespoons. This stage of the diet lasts until you have reached your desired weight.

Stage 3: The stabilization phase

In the “stabilization phase” the goal is to avoid a yo-yo effect. The previous diet rules have been slightly softened: two slices of wholemeal bread, a piece of fruit and 40 grams of hard cheese can now be enjoyed per day. And once a week starchy foods – for example potatoes or pasta – are allowed. Your oat bran ration will be increased again by half a tablespoon. In this phase, too, there is a pure protein day every week. The duration of the “stabilization phase” depends on the number of kilos that you lost in the build-up phase. Approximately ten days are estimated per kilo. So if you’ve lost five kilos, the “stabilization phase” lasts 50 days.

Stage 4: The maintenance phase

The last phase, the “maintenance phase”, represents something like a new normal state – it is therefore not limited in time. You can actually eat anything now. However, once a week you will be prescribed a pure protein day. And the oat bran still belongs on your menu – now it’s three tablespoons a day.

Better results thanks to moderate exercise

In order for the diet to be really successful, you should also do some exercise every day. Even a 30-minute light workout is enough. Jogging or exercises with light weights are recommended.

Important: Never diet without consulting your doctor

As with all dietary changes, the Dukan diet should never be started without consulting a doctor. According to “”, nutrition expert Silke Schwartau from the Hamburg consumer advice center warns: “Especially in the first phase, the protein component is far too high,” adding: “If too much protein is ingested, it can promote diseases such as gout .” People with chronic kidney disease should definitely refrain from this diet.

Schwartau is also critical of the one-sided diet. “Because of not eating fruit and vegetables, many vitamins are also missing,” the expert notes and agrees with the opinion of the “Agence Nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail” (comparable to the German Federal Institute for risk assessment) that classified the Dukan diet as dangerous to health.

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