Preventing osteoporosis Three recipes for strong bones

Around six million people in Germany have osteoporosis. It occurs because the body loses bone mass with age. It is therefore important to strengthen the bones, for example through the right diet. dr In “My healthiest 15-minute recipes – healing with food” (Becker Joest Volk Verlag), Franziska Rubin shows simple dishes that can promote our health.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the doctor explains which foods are particularly important for strong bones and presents three recipes.

What are the most common causes of osteoporosis?

dr Franziska Rubin: In principle, first of all the female gender, the age and the lack of hormones. Of course, men can also be affected, but usually later and not as often. Around 80 percent of patients are women. This is also because men have more muscle mass. The three most common reasons for osteoporosis are underweight, alcohol and smoking. Other risk factors include lack of exercise, lack of light and lack of calcium.

Can osteoporosis also affect younger people?

dr Ruby: There is, but it’s rare. You would have to do a lot wrong or not be able to move. But: Young people should act preventively. We have up to the age of 35 to build up our bones.

What is the best way to prevent the disease?

dr Ruby: Lots of exercise. Movement pulls on the bones and thereby encourages them to increase their build-up activity. Calcium is also important for strong bones. The right mineral water can help here: There are some varieties that contain up to 300 milligrams per liter. Light is just as important: we need vitamin D to store calcium in our bones. Just 15 minutes of sun a day helps, no matter what the season.

Calcium is mainly found in dairy products. Are milk, cheese and the like really as good for the bones as is generally claimed, or can they also be harmful?

dr Ruby: It is often the case that people cannot tolerate milk, but cheese is very good. Cheese also has a lot more calcium, hard cheeses like Parmesan are a real calcium banger. I believe that milk is not bad per se if you tolerate it well. However, fennel or broccoli, for example, contain more calcium than milk. And I doubt if you still have to drink a lot of milk as an adult.

What other foods do you recommend for strong bones?

dr Ruby: Many types of cabbage contain large amounts of calcium and are a good alternative for people who do not tolerate dairy well. In addition, sesame is extremely rich in calcium and should be integrated into everyday life here and there, for example in the form of tahini.

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