Pamela Reif No cow’s milk, no white flour – this is what the fitness queen eats

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Pamela Reif (26) makes no secret of the fact that her dream body is thanks to hard work. The influencer regularly provides her more than 9 million followers on YouTube with videos showing the workouts she uses to get her body in shape.

While the sporting part of the 26-year-old from Karlsruhe is more in the foreground on YouTube, the results of this training can be seen on Instagram. No wonder that Pamela Reif has more than 9 million followers here, too, who enjoy the photos of the pretty blonde.

In an interview with the news agency “spot on news” she reveals that the regular workout is not her only secret for a dazzling appearance. Healthy nutrition is just as important for the influencer.

Pamela Reif: A healthy diet is the be-all and end-all for her

In order to give her fans the opportunity to eat a balanced diet, the fitness queen has now published two of her own cookbooks and healthy snacks. “I consciously asked myself what is optimal for supplying my body with long-lasting energy and nutrients,” she reports in the interview published on “” and also reveals what needs to be done to strengthen the body’s defenses to get in the right shape.

“To strengthen the immune system, a natural, plant-based and varied diet is completely sufficient,” says the influencer. She personally swears by “ginger, lemon, açaí and spirulina,” reveals Pamela Reif, adding: “These foods are full of immune-boosting substances that can give you a strong protective shield. In fact, I also chew ginger slices on their own and very rarely get sick or have a cold .”

You Deserve This – Bowl Cookbook

by Pamela Reif

Price: from 20.00 euros

Milk and wheat are taboo

Although Pamela Reif is against demonizing “certain food categories”, she has defined two clear exceptions for herself. “Personally, I avoid not only cow’s milk but also white flour products, because when they are ground, almost all the vitamins, minerals and healthy fibers are taken away from them compared to whole grains,” explains the 26-year-old.

She would also usually not eat “ready-to-eat meals with unnecessary added sugar or artificial sweeteners”. “On the one hand, that’s not good for the intestinal bacteria and, on the other hand, I’m not a fan of the high sugar content of all kinds of dishes,” she explains. Even salty dishes, such as tomato soup, are often oversweetened.

The fitness star is mainly vegetarian

As the influencer further explains, she has largely eliminated fish and meat from the menu. 90 percent of their food is purely plant-based. Only in exceptional cases do you prepare a piece of meat or fish, says the 26-year-old, and also gives the reasons: “Firstly, frequent consumption is not good for our climate, all trendy fish species are mercilessly overfished. Secondly, the quality and Unfortunately, pollution of animal products is often questionable these days.”

You Deserve This – Snack Cookbook

by Pamela Reif

Price: from 25.00 euros

The eye eats with you: The food must be “instagrammable”.

When Pamela Reif prepares the meals for her cookbooks, the experienced influencer also makes sure that the dishes are “instagrammable”, i.e. they can be published on social networks at any time. It can happen that it takes longer than an hour until the perfect food photo is in the can, reveals the 26-year-old, who also knows “that with a nice bowl in the restaurant, people usually pause before thinking about it makes the food.”

Quinoa salad and banana cake on a first date

The fitness queen chatted openly in the interview and did not hide what dish she would serve on an important first date. She’s actually called the “Porridge Queen”. “But I would probably feel very safe with a colorful quinoa salad and banana cake for dessert. I would certainly not want to be too experimental on a date,” reveals Pamela Reif.

It’s so easy to integrate her tips into everyday life

In summary, it can be said that Pamela Reif’s tips are easy to implement in your own everyday life.

  • In addition to a regular workout, we should focus on a balanced diet and largely avoid white flour products with few nutrients. Whether milk is on the menu is up to us, Pamela Reif decided against it.
  • Finished products, which in many cases not only contain too much sugar but also other additives, should be eliminated entirely if possible. We prefer to rely on foods that strengthen the immune system, such as ginger, lemon, açaí and spirulina.

Pamela Reif’s tips are not only easy to implement, they also have an important psychological effect. If we don’t just eat our meals thoughtlessly, but rather eat consciously, we automatically do a lot for our body – even if we eat more meat and fish than the athletic blonde.

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