ÖKO-TEST reveals Which is the best medium mineral water?

If you can’t decide between still and sparkling, you’ll love medium mineral water. In the current issue (June/2023), ÖKO-TEST took a close look at 50 different products. Around half of the brands scored “very good”. However, two water stamps fail.

ÖKO-TEST found traces of nitrate in the types of water that were devalued, but both are advertised as being suitable for baby food.

Medium mineral water at ÖKO-TEST: The winners and losers

To the best types of water (medium) in the ÖKO-TEST test include:

  • Organic Crystal Medium
  • Vilsa Natural Fresh Medium
  • Adelholzener Soft
  • Aquintus Medium
  • Gerolsteiner Media

To the worst types of water (medium) in the ÖKO-TEST test include:

  • Berg Quellen Medium (Grade 6)
  • Oppacher Medium (Grade 5)

Classic mineral water tested

Those who prefer to drink sparkling water should be interested in the test results of the classic varieties. ÖKO-TEST last tested sparkling mineral water for the 07/2021 issue. Positive: Around half of the types of water scored “very well” in the test. However, two types are given a grade of 5, partly because of the increased chromate content. Other varieties only achieve a “sufficient” because heavy metal pollution and pesticide degradation products were also detected here.

To the best types of water (classic) in the ÖKO-TEST test include:

  • Adelholzener Classic
  • Franconia Fountain Sparkling
  • Gerolsteiner sparkling water
  • Aqua Römer Classic
  • Aquintus Classic

To the worst types of water (classic) in the ÖKO-TEST test include:

  • San Benedetto
  • San Pellegrino
  • Salvus mineral water Classic
  • Rudolf Spring Sparkling

Stiftung Warentest takes a close look at sparkling water

Stiftung Warentest also tested Classic mineral water in the 7/2022 issue. In addition to cheap discounter and supermarket own brands, well-known branded water was also examined. Sensory experts evaluated appearance, smell, taste and mouthfeel. The mineral water was also tested in the laboratory for possible pollutants.

The good news: Eight mineral waters scored “very good” in the test.

Supermarket and discounter products are “very good”

Among the test winners there are also inexpensive products from supermarkets or discounters. With a price of just 17 cents per liter, the following mineral waters are among the cheapest:

  • Lidl Saskia Classic
  • Penny Classic
  • Rewe Yes Classic
  • Aldi Nord Quellbrunn Classic
  • Aldi Süd Quellbrunn Classic
  • Norma Surf Classic

17 other classic mineral waters score “good”. These include brands such as San Pellegrino, a mineral water that was only “sufficient” in a test by ÖKO-TEST from 2021. Six other products scored “satisfactory”, only one water fell out of line with the overall rating “sufficient”.

You can read the detailed test report for a fee at Stiftung Warentest.

Mineral water in the test

The experts from Stiftung Warentest have also tested the other types of water in the past. From still to classic, everything is represented here. ÖKO-TEST also regularly devotes its in-house tests to the staple food.

Our colleagues from have summarized for you here how discounters and well-known brands such as Adelholzener, Volvic & Co. perform in the tests, who is the test winner and loser in comparison:

Mineral water tests at Stiftung Warentest and ÖKO-TEST: The results at a glance

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