Never enough 4 zodiac signs tend to gluttony

If you eat too much, you feel unwell and have health problems in the long run. But some zodiac signs find it difficult to find the right balance. You just never get enough.

There are few things in life that we do as regularly as eating. Our diet defines everyday life and sets the course in terms of health. Those who are able to enjoy their daily meals, eat a balanced and conscious diet, take the time to eat and share these hours with others have a clear advantage.

The pleasure of eating is best determined by the quality of the food, its variety and flavors. If, on the other hand, it is about the pure quantity, the enjoyment becomes gluttony. Four zodiac signs tend to do so, even if they sometimes don’t want to admit it.

Some zodiac signs are particularly clever, see the video above for more information.

Gemini – break fillers are high-calorie companions

Geminis score with their cheerful nature and their open-minded nature. They can talk to others for hours about things that their counterpart could hardly say three sentences about. And thanks to their charming nature, the twins are a pleasure to listen to, even when there isn’t much news to report.

But there are also times when best friends are unavailable (or don’t want to be). These “gaps” are difficult for Gemini to bear – and can then be filled with treats. This zodiac sign does not know a measure. The abundance of the refrigerator determines what and how much is eaten.

Fish – incidentally fell into the food trap

The fact that this zodiac sign likes to dream earns it a lot of sympathy. In his presence you feel comfortable and like to be carried away into a rich fantasy world. If the fish are alone, they make themselves comfortable with a book or soft music – and complete the feel-good moment with all the delicacies that can be found. In his own world in his head, this zodiac sign doesn’t even notice that the second bag of chips is already coming to an end…

You can find out here which zodiac signs only think about food all the time:

Cancer – frustration can also make you fat

Cheering sky high, saddened to death: Hardly anyone lives out these two emotional states as intensely as cancer. One can only envy this sign of the zodiac for the phases of euphoria – but woe betide when the pendulum swings in the other direction. Then it comes to binge eating, which really deserve the name.

What makes a typical Aquarius?

Aquarius – now more than ever

Some Aquarius will remark that they really don’t fit into this list – and rightly so. The stubbornness of this zodiac sign has very different facets. While one Aquarius, against all advice, ruins himself with his passion for collecting, the other has to walk ten kilometers every day, even when it’s snowing outside and the cold has long blocked his nose. Some Aquarians also show this persistence when eating. They just don’t stop and are proud to have overcome the limits with their strong will.

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