Losing weight at work 7 tips will help you lose weight in the office

Most of us spend most of our working hours sitting down. Movement only comes into play when you go to the coffee machine or the toilet. And when the stress gets too much, the chocolate bar is already waiting in the desk drawer.

Of course, all of this is anything but conducive to your slim figure. A diet can also be successfully carried out in the office if you pay attention to a few things. The following tips show you how to do this:

1. Get up earlier to avoid stress

Even if it’s difficult to get out of bed for the first few days, getting up earlier will lower your stress levels in the future. If you set your alarm about 20 minutes earlier every morning, you have more time for your morning routine, you can have a long breakfast, read a book or get ready in peace. This can help you avoid emotional eating triggered by stress.

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Of course, it’s tempting to take the elevator to the third floor in the morning. Climbing stairs is better for your office diet instead. This alone does not mean that you lose weight, but it is a perfect addition to regular physical training and gets your circulation going in the morning.

Just not picking up? Maybe it’s because of one of these reasons!

3. Use breaks to go for a walk

After lunch, it’s also a good idea to walk a few yards, even just around the block, rather than sit down for another coffee. This also loosens tired muscles and boosts mental performance. Try to get about 10,000 steps a day. Scientists assume that this regular exercise does even better than just going for a run twice a week.

4. Snacking: yes – At the desk: no

While sitting in front of the laptop, a pack of biscuits or gummy bears is quickly crushed. If you get hungry in between, then take the time and snack in the kitchen or canteen. This will help you eat more consciously. A healthy snack, for example, is natural yoghurt with fruit.

We will tell you here how you can quickly achieve your desired weight with the raw food diet

5. Bring your own lunch instead of going to the canteen

Unfortunately, canteen food is usually anything but conducive to an office diet. Better bring your own food. This gives you the opportunity to prepare healthy meals that you know exactly what’s in them. If you have enough time and a kitchen in the office, you can prepare something fresh during the breaks. It is just as important to set a fixed time for lunch that you can stick to every day. This is how you avoid “stress eating” during the day.

6. Try green tea

You don’t wake up in the morning without coffee? Try it with green tea. It also contains caffeine, which wakes you up. In addition, green tea reduces fat intake and prevents cravings for sweet things – the ideal drink for a successful office diet.

7. You earned your reward

Of course, rewarding yourself is also part of it. There is a very simple trick to ensure that rewards do not degenerate into uncontrolled snack orgies. Prepare a small bowl 1-2 times a week with sweets or snacks that you like. You can then treat yourself to it throughout the day. If this is empty, there is no more.

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