Lose weight on the stomach Slim and slim, without dieting! 3 tips on how to get rid of belly fat

You don’t have to starve or diet to lose belly fat. We have three tips for you on how to get slim and slim quickly.

Have you tried many things and still your belly just won’t get any smaller? There are a few factors that affect your success. With the right diet, the right training and a lot of patience, however, you will be rewarded.

Below we explain what to look out for.

This is the ideal waist circumference

A lot of fat on the stomach is not only unsightly, but also poses health risks. The Federal Center for Nutrition classifies an unhealthy waist circumference as follows:

If women have a waist circumference greater than 88 cm and men more than 102 cm, the belly is considered unhealthy. Especially if the fat percentage on the stomach is 30-35% at the same time.

Optimally, however, the fat percentage is 19-42% in women and 13-16% in men.

That’s why you should lose weight on your belly

The so-called vice fat – the layer of fat on the abdomen – has a negative effect on health if it is too large. Various diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes can be the result.

Even the vessels and arteries calcify due to the above-average abdominal fat. In the worst case, fatty liver occurs and the organs become inflamed.

1. Proper nutrition

It is important that you eat healthily and do not consume more calories than you burn. The right balance between diet and exercise is super important!

Pay attention to a calorie deficit, which you can promote, for example, by cycling or running, as well as climbing stairs. Interval training and regular endurance training should be integrated into your everyday life.

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Avoid foods such as ready meals, wheat products, sweets and sugary drinks, and alcohol. In between, it can of course be healthy fat, such as from olive oil, linseed oil or avocado.

Nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, are particularly good for snacking between meals. Soy flakes, tofu, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds and lentils are suitable for supplying additional protein. Don’t worry – you don’t necessarily have to do without carbohydrates. It can be oatmeal, sweet potatoes, millet and other good carbohydrates in everyday life. And of course lots of fruit and vegetables!

2. Targeted training to lose weight on the abdomen

For effective abdominal weight loss, you should incorporate strength training into your everyday life. Intensive and short interval training should also be on the daily schedule.

This allows you to burn more calories. Remember that the full body workout is always the focus. For ideal training, you should therefore pay attention to all muscle groups.

Losing weight on the stomach – no problem in the long run

Regular walking helps you stay fit and reduce waist size. It should ideally be 10,000 steps every day. So feel free to go for a walk instead of using the car. Getting enough sleep is just as important.

In the truest sense of the word, “slim in your sleep” is in the foreground. In between, try to skip the early morning coffee and drink lemon water instead. This is how you boost your metabolism.

However, sugar as a reward should be avoided. Maintaining a balanced diet is very important.

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You can also boost fat burning if you integrate chilli, Tabasco and ginger into your everyday life. Your digestion will thank you if you have delicious meals with linseed or psyllium in between. Most of the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine.

3. Lose belly fat without a diet: stay motivated

You stay motivated if you set goals that you can achieve in between. These can be ideas for a certain calorie deficit, for example, with a load of fiber and protein helping.

Last but not least, there should be no stress if you want to ensure a successful belly loss. Regular rest breaks can help and avoid long-term stress.

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Extreme diet with only 200 grams of rice a day: "Everything I do is unhealthy"

Extreme diet with only 200 grams of rice a day: “Everything I do is unhealthy”
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