Lose weight Flat stomach in 21 days: how good is the Pioppi diet?

Pioppi is actually a very sleepy coastal village with around 260 inhabitants, as there are many in Italy. Located about 150 kilometers south of Naples, the place only comes to life in summer when holidaymakers enjoy the charming Cilento region.

But Pioppi already achieved a certain degree of fame in the 1970s, at least in science. At that time, the US nutritionist Ancel Keys attributed the old age of the villagers – on average over 90 years – to their cuisine. This was the beginning of the success of the Mediterranean diet. Key himself lived in Pioppi for over 28 years and was almost 101 years old.

Pioppi is currently on everyone’s lips again. Because now the British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra has taken a closer look at this diet. After all, even today the villagers do not suffer from type 2 diabetes or heart disease. In his guide “The Pioppi Diet: A 21-Day Lifestyle Plan” he promises nothing less than a life-changing change in diet that not only makes you healthier, but also slimmer. And all this without starvation and drastic sports units.

This is allowed with the Pioppi diet

Basically, Malhotra dispels the myth that fat makes you fat. It is more important that we eat “good” fat. A handful of nuts every day, lots of vegetables and at least four tablespoons of olive oil are important foundations of the Pioppi diet.

Also allowed are fruits with low fructose content, oily fish like salmon and sardines (at least three times a week), ten eggs (per week), full-fat milk products like quark or yoghurt and 30 grams of dark chocolate per day.

These foods are forbidden

Unfortunately, it is not possible without giving up completely. All types of sugar, including honey, similar substitute products, as well as juices and other sweet drinks are on the banned list. Products made from white flour, including pasta, bread and rice, should also be avoided. Industrially processed oils from plants such as sunflowers, rapeseed and corn have also been eliminated.

Lifestyle adjustment

Heart specialist Aseem Malhotra also advises seven hours of sleep a day and moderate exercise. A brisk walk of half an hour every day is enough to stay fit. In addition, there is a fasting day once a week. It’s best to skip breakfast and lunch and drink lots of water instead.

Conclusion: The Pioppi diet works because it relies on fresh food and unsaturated fatty acids. Fish instead of red meat, vegetables instead of carbohydrates. The program is therefore low-carb and above all sugar-free. Consequently, anyone who gets involved in this diet does not have to starve and will not only lose weight, but also live healthier.

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