Like fresh laundry 4 scented candles turn your home into an oasis of well-being

With scented candles, your home becomes even cozier in no time at all. But while some smells are often a headache, we can’t get enough of cotton-scented candles. Here are our four favorites.

Like freshly washed: These are our 4 favorite scented candles

Linen scented WoodWick candle

The most striking scented candle is WoodWick’s elliptical design. Both the burning time of up to 50 hours and the pleasant scent of fresh laundry score points here. And that’s not all, because the wide wick also spoils the ears with crackling sound.

Cotton scented candle from H&M Home

With 4.7 out of five possible stars, this scented candle from H&M Home is a real star! Enthusiastic customers review the candle like this, for example:

Looks beautiful, good size. The smell is insanely cozy, not a bit chemical.

This candle even comes with a burn time of up to 60 hours, making it the most productive example of this list.

James & Co. Scented candle with cotton and linen

The scented candle from James & Co. has a burning time of up to 35 hours. The vegan and animal-free version convinces with scents of fresh cotton, linen and aldehydes as well as fine orange blossom accords. Plus point: The candles are made by hand and shipped in a white gift box.

Scented candle “Cotton and Linen”

Price: from 19.95 euros

burn time: up to 35 hours

“Sundried Linen” – scented candle from H&M Home

The scent of this candle was created during collaboration with perfumers from the traditional perfume house Robertet. With accords of cotton, apple, white musk and floral notes, the scented candle from H&M Home spreads a pleasant scent throughout the room. The small glass with a cork closure adds a stylish touch to your home decoration.

The buyers are also enthusiastic. As a customer writes:

My absolute favorite candle, bought several times. It gives off a very cozy scent, a bit like freshly washed laundry. The glass is also great for reuse, eg for spices.

“Sundried Linen” scented candle

Price: from 4.99 euros

burn time: up to 18 hours

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