Insider tip from the pro That’s why Mimi Kraus swears by lime-salt water

The fans of the ex-handball professional from Göppingen are visibly shocked by his “Let’s Dance” end on show seven. Since the beginning of the 16th season of the live dance show Let’s Dance, Michael “Mimi” Kraus (39) has danced his way into the hearts of the viewers and is already the winner of the hearts before the grand finale.

On Instagram, the ex-handball professional shared his feelings about his departure from the show with his followers: “I have to admit that I have suffered worse defeats and still the departure hits me harder than I thought. This shows once again how emotional the journey is is at LET’S DANCE. So that’s the myth, the special thing EVERYONE is always talking about. It can’t be explained! This show is something special.”

Mimi Kraus lost 13 kilos

In addition to the newly learned dance steps, the man from Göppingen lost around 13 kilos and feels “smoother than ever” in his skin. 110 kilograms at the beginning of the show have now become 97 kilograms.

The gym owner relies on a balanced and healthy diet in everyday life. In his Instagram story, Mimi Kraus now reveals how he starts the day fit every morning.

With lime and salt water: This is how Mimi Kraus starts his day

Mimi Kraus drinks a glass of lime and salt water every morning, which he believes has some benefits.

Lime juice and salt aid in digestion and help fight off pathogens ingested through food. The salt also contributes to the detoxification of the body. Likewise, salt and lime have an antibacterial effect, strengthen the immune system and regulate the pH value of the body.

According to Kraus, the water also ensures fresh breath and you can start the day healthy and fresh.

However, there is no scientific evidence

At this point, however, it must be mentioned that there is still no scientific evidence for the effect of lime-salt water and that every person reacts differently to certain foods and drinks.

So if you’re unsure whether lime salt water is right for you, it’s best to speak to a doctor or nutritionist and get their advice before trying it.

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