Home remedies help How to get rid of ingrown toenails

Our nail growth has accelerated over the past 70 years, a study has shown. One blames the generally better diet today. In fact, most people’s nails grow slightly faster in summer than in winter.

In summer there is more fresh and high-quality food – this could be a reason for stronger growth. And finally, we get more UV light from the sun in summer, which promotes the production of vitamin D. And this vitamin is involved in the formation of skin and nails, among other things.

Ingrown nail – these consequences can occur

It’s a growth that can sometimes come with complications. If the nail grows in, it becomes inflamed, which can fester or bleed. This happens when bacteria colonize the wound. How they develop, what helps and how to prevent ingrown toenails, here.

Three ways to stop ingrown toenails

Prevention – cut nails properly

At the corners, the nails should not be rounded. And they should be left long enough that the corners of the nails are exposed on the lateral edge of the skin.

In addition to nails that are too short and rounded, shoes that are too tight and sweaty feet can promote ingrowth. People who are overweight, have diabetes or have diseases that can lead to water retention are generally more susceptible to this.

Nail is ingrown – foot bath and ointments help

When the nail grows into the toe skin, the affected area becomes inflamed and painful. If the nail is only slightly ingrown, a regular foot bath with curd soap, chamomile or a 1% potassium permanganate solution is sufficient.

The area is then treated with anti-inflammatory gels or ointments. Tea tree oil is also good for this because it also has an antibacterial effect and prevents infections. Dry off well after this procedure and avoid pressure on the toe for the time being.

No improvement? Consult a doctor or nurse

If all this does not improve, you should have the problem clarified by a doctor. This is especially true if the nail is suppurating and severely inflamed. The inflammation can spread and develop into phlegmon – a bacterial skin infection. Even if fever and fatigue are added to the ingrown nail, a visit to the family doctor is advisable.

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