Healthy living 3 simple recipes prevent inflammation – and are really tasty

Inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism or arthritis are widespread. The causes are manifold. In addition to genetic factors, diet also plays a crucial role. Studies have shown that acidic foods promote inflammation, while alkaline ones curb it. Sour does not refer to the taste, but to whether acid is formed during metabolism. This is the case, for example, with meat, grain and dairy products or sweets. On the other hand, fruit and vegetables, nuts or herbs have a base-forming effect.

Saskia Johanna Rosenow experienced first-hand how an alkaline diet can affect well-being: for years she suffered from recurring inflammation – until she finally changed her diet.

In her book “Anti-Inflammation Kitchen – Finally healthy & fit with alkaline nutrition” (Edel Verlag), she reveals what this looks like today. In it, she also shares some of her favorite recipes. There are three of them here.

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