Green, purple or white Which type of asparagus is the healthiest

According to the Federal Center for Nutrition, around 1.7 kilograms of white asparagus were consumed per capita in Germany in 2019. The extent of the harvest shows how popular the vegetable is.

Asparagus is harvested on an area of ​​22,400 hectares – this makes white asparagus the type of vegetable with the largest cultivation area in Germany. In addition to the white variety, the green asparagus is also very popular. You rarely see purple asparagus at the weekly markets.

One thing is certain, every variety is healthy and low in calories due to the high water content. A portion of asparagus (250 grams) has only 50 kcal.

This is the difference between the asparagus varieties

Green asparagus grows above ground and forms chlorophyll thanks to sunlight and daylight. The secondary plant substance gives it its green color. White asparagus, on the other hand, grows underground and therefore does not get any light.

Purple asparagus is harvested when it emerges from the ground. This creates the botanical anthocyanin, which turns it purple.

The three varieties also differ in taste. Green asparagus does not have to be peeled and tastes spicier and stronger than the white. Purple asparagus tastes even more intense than white asparagus.

Which variety is the healthiest?

Chlorophyll has an antioxidant effect and improves iron absorption in the body. Green asparagus also contains more vitamin C and vitamin E and is therefore healthier than its white counterpart. But white asparagus also contains many minerals and also has a high potassium content.

Purple asparagus has a similar effect to the green variety. Due to the anthocyanin, it contains very strong antioxidants and therefore has an extremely detoxifying effect, but is otherwise just as effective and healthy as the green version.

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