Good to know This is what happens when you eat asparagus every day

The asparagus season has finally opened and the popular spring vegetable is back on the plate. Here you can find out what happens if you eat asparagus every day.

The asparagus season really gets going in Germany by mid-April at the latest – and the Germans really celebrate the few weeks in which asparagus is served regionally. According to the Federal Center for Nutrition, Germans eat around 1.5 kilograms of fresh asparagus per capita. And with good reason: Eating asparagus regularly is good for your health.

Where does asparagus actually come from?

The Germans love asparagus! Although asparagus is the vegetable with the largest cultivation area in Germany, it is also imported from other countries; According to the Federal Information Center for Agriculture, mainly from Greece and Spain.

However, the country with the most asparagus cultivation is not in Europe. In 2020, China ranked first in asparagus cultivation with a production of 7.4 million tons. This corresponds to about 88 percent of the worldwide asparagus consumption.

White, green or violet?

There are more than 120 species of asparagus in Europe. The vegetables differ in colour, consistency and quality. A special taste is offered, for example, by asparagus that has turned purple.

Better known and very popular, however, are white and green asparagus spears. The species come from the same plant, but differ in taste and timing of harvest. In fact, all asparagus varieties are good for your diet.

Low in calories and rich in nutrients

Asparagus is the ideal vegetable to do something good for the body. It consists of 95 percent water and has only about 18 calories per 100 grams. In addition, there are plenty of vitamins and minerals in the vegetables. These include vitamin A and vitamin E or copper, folic acid, calcium and potassium.

Asparagus promotes weight loss

Asparagus is one of the vegetables that are ideal for losing weight. The vegetable is well suited for a low-calorie diet and to achieve a calorie deficit.

The high water content of asparagus and its healthy dietary fibers fill you up quickly and also ensure detoxification of the body. So if you regularly eat the vegetables, you support your body with a healthy diet.

regulate high blood pressure

Foods that contain potassium can regulate high blood pressure, including asparagus. Not only is it rich in potassium, it also contains substances that improve blood circulation and dilate blood vessels.

Strengthens teeth and bones

Not only children need calcium for healthy teeth. With around 20 milligrams of calcium, asparagus also covers part of the daily requirement for adults and supports the bone system in the body. This is where most of the calcium is stored, which the body uses to build strong bones and teeth.

Here you should be careful

People struggling with kidney stones should consume asparagus with caution. Because small parts of the so-called oxalate can be deposited in the kidneys and thus promote the formation of kidney stones.

Too much asparagus can also lead to gout. The high water content increases the uric acid level and can thus form the basis for joint problems. If the acid cannot be passed through the urine, purines are deposited in the joints, which eventually cause pain.

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