For a fortune tech millionaire wants to look 18 again

A tech millionaire from the USA is making the dream of many of us come true – he’s getting his youthful looks back. He spends millions on it.

We like to invest a bit of money or accept pain for our appearance – according to the motto: If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer. But one US millionaire takes it to the extreme, spending millions a year to look young and fresh. In an interview with the news magazine Bloomberg, he reveals his routine and the motivation behind it.

45-year-old Bryan Johnson wants to reverse the aging process and is investing millions in his appearance. His goal: He wants to look like he did when he was 18 and be just as fit and vital. According to doctors, his efforts have already reduced his biological age by five years.

Bryan Johnson
© Magdalena Wosinska

Millionaire wants to look like he was 18: That’s Bryan Johnson

The sale of the payment service provider “Braintree Payment” founded by Johnson to Ebay brought him a three-digit million sum. The years of hard work did not make the 45-year-old happy. He became depressed and overweight.

After selling his company, Johnson changed his life. Professionally, he now focuses on companies in the biotech sector. He invested most of his money in his health and looks.

The desire to be younger and more vital goes far beyond a healthy lifestyle. Johnson seems obsessed with reversing the aging process.

Bryan himself calls his project “Project Blueprint”. More than 30 doctors take care of the health and appearance of the millionaire every day. This year alone he is said to have already spent two million US dollars on his project.

Bryan Johnson
© Magdalena Wosinska

That trains Johnson for more youthfulness

Johnson himself toils away at workouts and various tests every day and endures pain in the process.

Comprehensive measurements are carried out on it regularly. This ranges from body fat percentage to blood sugar to the number of erections he has each night. Blood, urine and stool samples are also analyzed regularly. He also has MRIs, ultrasound scans and colonoscopies performed.

This is his fitness program

Johnson eats a purely plant-based diet. His diet is limited to an exact 1,977 calories per day. He trains for an hour every day, three times a week he does a HIIT workout. He gets up at 5 a.m. every day and goes to bed at the same time every night. Two hours before bed he wears glasses that absorb blue light.

Each morning, Johnson takes two dozen supplements, including a microdose of lithium. With this he wants to keep his brain young. For young skin, the millionaire applies several creams a day and has his own fat injected under the skin. This is supposed to lead to cell rejuvenation.

Bryan Johnson
© Magdalena Wosinska

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