Exercising in spring Motivation Sun – This is how you get back in shape very quickly

Today, March 20th, is the official start of spring. A perfect day to start the sports program. An expert tells you how to get fit again in spring.

Hibernation has finally said goodbye and you’re slowly feeling more awake and in a better mood? Then now is the best time to start spring fit.

But if you decide to do this, you shouldn’t just start exercising without a plan – otherwise the initial euphoria will probably subside faster than you would like. In order to stick with it in the long term, you have to build up a routine, says sports scientist Laura Blanz.

Sport at the beginning of spring: set realistic goals

Before you go to the sports field or to the gym, you should therefore sit down at home and think about it: what goals do I want to achieve through training? How much time do I have per week and what is my experience or training preference?

The answers are noted down. The more specific they are, the easier it will be to find the right training framework, promises the expert from the German University for Prevention and Health Management in Saarbrücken. And the greater the chances of sticking with it for longer.

Start slow

An important tip for sports beginners: Frequency beats intensity. Accordingly, three weekly units of 30 minutes each are better than one unit per week of 90 minutes. Laura Blanz explains: Anyone who overwhelms themselves physically by training too intensively quickly saps the joy of movement.

Because one should not forget: muscles, tendons and joints need time to get used to the new strain. Therefore, it is better to start the new training routine with a moderate intensity.

With the right ones Fit For Fun workout plans you achieve your sporting goals and create a good routine to start the spring fit again.

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