Don’t just make laundry cuddly soft Nine surprising uses for lemons


Due to their high vitamin C content, lemons are particularly popular for preventing colds. But you can use the yellow fruits in other ways around the house. We reveal what lemons help you with.

The lemon not only supports the immune system and the intestinal flora as a source of vitamin C. The juice and peel of this fruit can do a lot more: as a component in DIY cosmetics or as a strong cleaning agent.

Lemons are not only suppliers of vitamin C

Lemons not only provide a lot of vitamin C, but also contain valuable minerals such as potassium, which supports the function of nerves, heart and muscles. But lemons not only provide a health contribution or serve as a seasoning in the kitchen. Because they are also true all-rounders as a natural ingredient in DIY cosmetics and as a hygiene and cleaning agent.

The yellow fruits provide up to 50 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams and have an antioxidant effect in the body. With the recommended vitamin C intake (men 110 milligrams per day, women 95 milligrams per day), pollutants caused by stress, environmental toxins, nicotine and inflammation can be better removed and your own immune cells can also be produced. Lemons strengthen the immune system

Vitamin C also supports the elasticity and regeneration of the skin, connective tissue, bones and teeth. It plays an important role in the body’s production of collagen. In addition, vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from food and thus ensures better blood formation. This in turn helps the metabolism and the immune system.

With lemon water to better skin

Due to the detoxifying effect, regular drinking of lemon water also helps for a clear complexion. Because the active ingredients in the lemon help to bind free radicals in the body – and this is also reflected in the skin: pimples or acne are combated.

Another plus point: thanks to the extra portion of liquid, the rest of the body stays hydrated and fit.

Use lemons in the kitchen

Many valuable nutrients can be found in the lemon peel in particular. For example, the pectins contained there ensure a healthy intestinal flora, but are also used in the kitchen as a natural gelling agent. Pectin from the organic lemon peel can be used to make jam, for example.

The juice and zest of lemons can be found in many recipes for food and drinks, especially as a seasoning. Lemon zest gives pasta, fish and chicken dishes a sour and fruity note. In cakes and also in mineral water or in tea with honey, the lemon has also proven itself as a home remedy for cold symptoms.

Lemons help against itching and blemishes

But the fruits are not only used in the form of lemon water. Because they also work externally, such as with itchy scalp. Sliced ​​lemons are rubbed directly onto the scalp to relieve itching. Those who suffer from sensitive scalp should dilute lemon juice with water and apply it. Side effect: annoying dandruff is also eliminated.

Lemon juice can be used not only against an itchy scalp, but also as a natural lightener for hair. Especially in combination with sunshine, light brown to medium blonde hair becomes a few shades lighter. In addition, a lemon water rinse dissolves limescale residue in the hair and thus provides an extra portion of strength and shine.

DIY lemon scrub

The fruit acid of the lemon has a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. Lemon juice also helps with the external treatment of skin imperfections. But be careful: Especially with sensitive skin, lemon juice must be diluted with water so that the skin is not additionally stressed with redness or irritation.

Lemon peels can also be used as an exfoliating ingredient. The peel is cut into small pieces and mixed with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, sugar and honey. The peeling is best massaged into the skin after showering and washed off with plenty of warm water after a short exposure time. The result: radiant skin and less cellulite.

Can lemon help against bad breath?

Another DIY cosmetic item made from lemons and without any chemicals is a mouthwash against bad breath. Lemons have an antibacterial effect and so lemon water also helps against bacteria in the mouth area. For a lasting effect, you should freshly prepare the lemon rinse with a little sea salt every day and use it several times a day.

Lemon combats discolored teeth

Discolored nails or fingertips, which show up especially after preparing food such as beetroot or turmeric, can be treated with a squeezed half of a lemon. The lemon with a little baking soda also helps with discolored teeth. But be careful: the mixture of lemon and baking soda should not act for longer than a minute to protect the enamel.

To prevent discoloration of the teeth, the solution of lemon juice and baking soda can be applied with a cotton swab or a toothbrush and rinsed off after a maximum of one minute. After use, you should wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth again, otherwise the enamel will suffer. Gentler: Rubbing the teeth with the white side of the lemon zest.

Lemons as an alternative to aluminum deodorants

A healthy alternative to aluminum deodorants are DIY citrus deodorants made from limes or lemons. Instructions: Boil 100 milliliters of water, add half a lemon or lime zest, pour into an atomizer with a few drops of essential oil and a teaspoon of baking soda. Caution: do not expose the sprayed skin to direct sunlight, otherwise reddening may occur.

Lemons can also score points as a natural cleaning agent

Lemons score points not only in cosmetics, but also as a cleaning agent. Lemon juice manages to dissolve stubborn calcifications in the kettle, for example, without any chemicals. For this purpose, a lemon juice solution is filled into the cooker, which can also act overnight if necessary. To remove the lemon taste from the device afterwards, you should boil water several times.

Lemon juice is also a very good remedy for water stains, for example on wine glasses. A few drops of lemon juice on a damp cloth are enough to polish glasses without leaving streaks and greasy fingerprints. Another household tip: lemon peel in the dishwasher replaces the rinse aid and also gives the dishes and machine a pleasant scent.

Lemons can also be used in the washing machine. Gray textiles in particular are cleaned, disinfected and brightened again with lemon juice. At the same time, unpleasant odors and limescale residues are removed from the machine. A squeezed lemon can be placed directly in the drum during the wash cycle as a fabric softener.

Lemon juice achieves good results as a biological bleach for stained laundry or textiles with a gray cast. The laundry is placed in a large pot of boiling water and sliced ​​lemons. It is particularly helpful if the laundry is soaked in warm lemon water for at least an hour and then washed.

Lemon drives away bad smells

A sliced ​​lemon also helps remove unpleasant odors in the fridge, as well as from plastic bowls and cutting boards. In addition, the lemon disinfects surfaces and knife blades with an antibacterial effect. A cut lemon with baking soda becomes a cleaning sponge and can effectively clean countertops and other surfaces.

With lemon juice against mold and lime

Fittings in the bathroom and kitchen can also be scrubbed with a lemon. This removes hard limescale deposits, stubborn dirt in the bathtub and deposits such as urine scale in the toilet. Even mold growth on the shower curtain can be treated with lemon juice.

Mirrors, windows or glass doors can also be cleaned streak-free with lemon juice. After the surfaces have been rubbed with lemon juice, it is best to polish with newspaper and thus ensure sparkling clean mirrors and windows.


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