Don’t go at all There are five things you should definitely not do at the gynecologist’s

Every six months a woman should go to the gynecologist. And even if we are already used to it, there are always stumbling blocks. You should avoid these things when you visit the doctor.

Above in the video: 9 things to avoid during your period.

1. Poor hygiene

Actually, it goes without saying, but some women still come to the gynecologist unwashed. A shower is a must before you go to your appointment. If you cannot set this up in time, it is advisable to postpone the appointment and put it on another day.

It is very uncomfortable for the gynecologist when he has to treat an unwashed patient. And you, too, feel better knowing you’re clean.

2. Conceal complaints

You need to tell your gynecologist how you are feeling. This also means that you don’t hide your complaints from him. This is the only way the doctor can help you, take away any fears you may have and ensure that you remain healthy.

Do you have pain, irregular bleeding or other concerns and problems affecting your women’s health? The doctor’s visit is the opportunity to get it off your chest and to look for a solution together with the doctor.

By the way: You should definitely know these facts before the menopause!

3. Visiting the gynecologist irregularly

Do you only go to the gynecologist occasionally or only when you have a new partner? This is wrong! To make sure that everything is fine with your health, you should go to your check-ups regularly. This allows the doctor to ensure they can respond more quickly to changes in your body.

4. “Slide forward, please!”

What is the most common phrase in a gynecologist’s office? Many a doctor must feel like a record if he has to repeat the sentence “Please slide a little forward!” over and over again. Do him a favor and lie down on the treatment chair in such a way that he can examine you directly without any problems.

5. Cancel a gynecologist appointment spontaneously

Cancellations of appointments are always unpleasant for doctors, especially when they come at short notice. Basically, a gynecologist is used to a woman having her period. If you are at the beginning or end of your period, it is therefore not a problem if you still keep your appointment.

It only makes sense to cancel the appointment if your period is very heavy. In order to avoid cancellations of appointments in general, it is best to schedule them directly so that they do not fall within the period in which you have your period. This saves the doctor and the staff a lot of administrative work.

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