Dangerous for the skin There are seven mistakes you should never make in the shower

The hot water is pattering over your face. The steam steamed up mirrors and windows. One would prefer to stay in the warm shower in the morning. But as nice and relaxing as it is, you shouldn’t stay in the shower forever – or at least pay attention to seven things that we’ve done wrong there so far.

Better not to shower too hot and too long

It may be very comfortable, but water that is too warm removes the skin’s natural body oils and dries out the skin.

Lukewarm water is therefore recommended. And, even if it’s hard to stop, after five to ten minutes you’re thoroughly cleaned and should turn off the tap.

Soap your whole body? D rather not!

Drying out of the skin is also an issue here. Therefore: When lathering up, it is better to concentrate only on the greasy and odor-producing parts of the body, i.e. face, armpits, buttocks and feet.

Don’t forget to change the shower sponge

Shower towels or sponges are real bacterial hotspots and can cause skin diseases. Therefore, the rags should be taken out of the shower to dry. And very important: Wash often at at least 60 degrees.

Stay away from perfumed shower gel

Shower gels with artificial fragrances often strip moisture from the skin, which can lead to itching and scaly skin. So it’s better to use a fragrance-free shower gel.

Better not to shave in the shower

While this is convenient, you shouldn’t shave in the shower. Because the blades become blunt, which in turn can result in redness and irritation.

Don’t use too much shampoo and conditioner

First: The shampoo only belongs on the roots of the hair, the conditioner is massaged into the lengths. And the shampoo can be diluted with a little water. On the one hand it is gentler on the hair, on the other hand you save on shampoo. Win win!

Never rub your skin or hair dry

When the water is turned off, we tend to rub ourselves dry with a towel. However, moist skin is very sensitive. It’s best to gently pat yourself dry.

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