Completely without painkillers Twelve tips help with headaches

I rarely use pills. They do not help the body to fight the causes, but only numb the pain. For this reason, I have been testing alternative headache remedies for years, which help in a wide variety of situations. You can find the best in this post.

Why do headaches actually occur?

In order to fight the pain, it makes sense to first find out where it is coming from. There are many different causes and they are often difficult to identify. Nevertheless, there are a few causes that occur very frequently:

Not enough fluids – for me this is the most common reason for headaches. If I drink too little, I quickly notice it through a pounding in my head. Heavy coffee or alcohol consumption exacerbates this problem.

  • Too much stress – Excessive tension and concentration over a long period of time can also lead to headaches. Together with a lot of screen work and little movement, the pain is already pre-programmed for me.
  • Lack of sleep or irregular sleep – Too little or bad sleep can easily lead to uncomfortable headaches. But irregular sleep, for example sleeping particularly long at the weekend, also has unwanted side effects.

If you can trace the headache back to any of these causes, there are things you should do to change it: drink more fluids and avoid alcohol or coffee. A break from screens and smartphones, a walk or a short meditation can work wonders.

Fight headaches without tablets: That can help

If this is not enough, you can try the following tips before you reach for the pill.

Important: Not every tip helps in every situation. Everyone is different and the causes of pain are complex. Therefore, some trial and error is necessary. If the headaches occur frequently, it is definitely advisable to see a doctor in order to investigate the causes in more detail and counteract them in a targeted manner.

prevent headaches

  1. Drinking water: Drink half a liter of still water and eat something salty. You should pay attention to the body’s fluid balance, especially after a long night, sporting activity or in hot weather.
  2. Get out into the fresh air: Break what you’re doing and give your body some exercise and fresh air with a short walk.
  3. Time out from the screen: If you can’t get out into nature, at least take a break from screens and busy work. A short meditation or just a rest in a place without hustle and bustle helps.
  4. Power nap: A short nap gives you new energy and can nip a headache in the bud.

Headache already there? That can help

  1. Gently massage temples and scalp. Better yet, have someone else do it, like your partner.
  2. Essential oils relieve pain: Essential peppermint oil or lavender oil support the massage. Mix 2-3 drops of this with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Apply this mixture to the temples and forehead once an hour. There are also special pens with essential oils for headaches on the go.
  3. Foot reflex zones can relieve pain: Massage and knead the soles of your feet with firm pressure. If you feel more pain in one area, try massaging the pain away. In this way you can release blockages and tension – especially in the big toe, because this is where the reflex points for the head are. If you like, use essential oils for foot reflexology.
  4. Lie on the floor and stretch your legs straight up in the air: It’s best to lean them against the wall or the edge of a desk for a few minutes. A pillow under the pelvis gives a little more comfort.
  5. Cold foot bath: Another trick to stimulate blood circulation and thus fight headaches is a cold foot bath.
  6. yoga: If you have some time and peace, a targeted yoga workout can also help.
  7. have a shower: In the shower you can combine warm water with cold water to further improve blood circulation. Take a warm shower for a few moments and then a cold one for just as long. You repeat this five to ten times.
  8. Coffee for headaches: Sometimes it also helps to drink a strong cup of coffee. However, this is a double-edged sword, as the effects of coffee can also reverse. It also acts like a drug with corresponding withdrawal symptoms. Especially people who want to wean their body from caffeine often suffer temporarily from increased headaches. Therefore, do not overuse this trick and definitely drink extra water to protect the body from dehydration.

This article was written by Mark.

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