Coffee, cigarettes and Co. 3 signs of the zodiac have a particularly high potential for addiction

Some people are at high risk of becoming addicted. Three zodiac signs are particularly often affected.

“The dose makes the poison”, already knew Paracelsus. This thesis also applies to the so-called luxury toxins. If you drink coffee, cigarettes or alcohol too much, at some point you can no longer keep your hands off them, even if it is harmful to your health.

Most people use these substances responsibly and have their consumption under control. But there are also people who are so tempted by recreational toxins that sooner or later they develop an addiction. Representatives of three zodiac signs are particularly often at risk.

In the video above you can see which zodiac signs find it particularly difficult to say no.

Zodiac sign Taurus – the great connoisseur

Taurus loves to top off the day with a good glass of wine. Unfortunately, many representatives of this gourmet zodiac sign find it difficult to limit it to just one glass.

If the wine is really tasty, it can happen that the whole bottle runs out. And since alcohol is known to make you euphoric, it could well be that the bull keeps his well-stocked cellar stocked.

This zodiac sign has to be careful not to overdo it with the pleasure. Otherwise, at some point, wine or beer will no longer be the accompaniment of a nice evening, but the main actors.

Zodiac sign Gemini – eternal curiosity

The Gemini is one of the extremely curious zodiac signs who want to try everything. When he was young, he carefully observed how the mood among adults rose with every glass and he definitely wanted to experience this condition as well. Maybe start with a glass of wine. And if he likes it, he will of course also try the whole range of other alcoholic beverages, mostly in moderate amounts.

However, there is a real danger that the twin will not stop at just one drink, but will expand his thirst for knowledge to other drugs. Here he could come across significantly more dangerous substances that ultimately lead him to become addicted.

This is how the zodiac sign Gemini ticks.

Zodiac sign Aries – get out of the hamster wheel

Aries is usually an extremely ambitious zodiac sign that always demands top performance from itself. In his job, he likes to handle three projects at the same time and often pushes his limits or even exceeds them.

In order to get off the self-chosen hamster wheel from time to time, the Aries likes to use substances that are not necessarily healthy. During his short breaks, he smokes not one but three cigarettes and drinks a double espresso. And in the evening it has to be at least one whiskey to calm down after all the stress.

Over time, Aries has internalized that it only works properly with invigorating or calming substances. This puts him well on the way to several addictions.

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