Bye, itch! The best stitch healers in the test

Sting healers are the secret weapon for a carefree summer. With these little helpers, the itching after an insect bite is over in no time. Such sting healers work with heat or electrical impulses. At least 45 degrees Celsius are reached in order to break down the protein in the mosquito saliva, which is responsible for the itching. The experts at AllesBeste subjected 16 different stitch healers to an intensive test. We present four recommended devices here.

In these cases, sting healers are not suitable

Anyone who uses a stitch healer should know that the device is not suitable for everyone. Children with sensitive skin in particular should not be treated with the 45 degree Celsius bite healer. Because the little ones could find the heat much more painful and uncomfortable than the actual insect bite.

In the case of an annoying mosquito bite that just itches and does not cause any pain, a bite healer is a tried and tested remedy for adults. The situation is different with wasp stings, which not only itch, but also hurt badly. Here it is up to everyone whether they want to expose themselves to the hot sting healer in addition to the pain caused by the sting. Although this device brings long-term relief, it can initially increase the pain. One of the reasons: When a wasp stings, additional histamine gets into the body, which is responsible for the itching. After a bite from such an insect, the pen has to be used much longer than with a simple mosquito bite, in which the histamine is only produced by the body.

This should be considered when buying a stitch healer

You really can’t go wrong when buying a stitch healer, since all devices work on a similar principle.

One of the purchase criteria could perhaps be the size of the stitch healer. If you carry it in your handbag, you can choose a much larger product than someone who wants to stow the stitch healer inconspicuously in the pocket of tight pants.

For this very reason, the weight of the Sting Healer can be critical. After all, who wants to burden themselves with a heavy stitch healer, for example during sports?

Another purchase criterion would be how long the stitch healer can be used before the battery has to be changed or the device has to be connected to a charging station. Because nothing is more annoying than having a stab healer with you that fails at the crucial moment.

* This article was created by authors and is based on the results of the article “The Best Stitch Healer” by AllesBeste author Sandra Sporer. The content is based on the version of 05/05/2023.

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