Wild garlic quark Wild garlic quark: This is how you easily make your own spring delicacy

Fresh into spring – with this wild garlic quark you start the day well every morning:

For a wild garlic quark you need one or two handfuls of wild garlic leaves, 250 grams of quark, two to three tablespoons of yoghurt, some salt and pepper. However, if you are looking for wild garlic leaves in nature, you should be careful. At first glance, the leaves resemble lilies of the valley, which in turn are poisonous. To test, you can rub the leaves with your fingers and smell whether they smell like garlic. If so, it’s wild garlic.

Wild garlic quark is ready in no time!

Rinse the wild garlic leaves under clear water and remove any soil residue. Then pat them dry very carefully with kitchen paper and cut them crosswise into fine strips. Beat the quark with a fork until creamy and mix it with the yoghurt. Then add the finely chopped wild garlic leaves and taste the wild garlic quark with salt and pepper.

You can enjoy the finished wild garlic quark as a spread with a slice of brown bread or with potatoes and potato dishes. Enjoy the delicious spring delicacy.

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