Espresso Tonic Recipe for the non-alcoholic drink with a bang

Tonic water is not only the basis for drinks such as gin and tonic and vodka tonic, but also a real all-rounder. Without tonic water, all of these cocktail classics could pack up. With its bitter flavors, it is an ideal filler in mixed drinks. Thanks to the skilful use of bitter substances, no flavor components are overlaid – neither those of the high-proof nor the alcohol-free variations.

Espresso Tonic-The summer drink of the year

More and more often, espresso and tonic water go together. In contrast to most cocktails, this new caffeinated favorite drink in summer consists – quite puristically – only of espresso and tonic water. Since the tonic water plays the leading role in this mixed drink, choosing a quality tonic is of great importance!

Adé cocktail umbrellas!

No more colorful looks, farewell to pink umbrellas and yellow straws! Understatement is the order of the day – with a floating layered effect. A mysterious physical phenomenon causes the espresso to layer over the tonic and the two just don’t want to mix.


  • 40ml espresso
  • 150ml cold tonic water
  • ice cubes
  • lemon



  • Long drink glass
  • espresso glass

This is how you prepare a delicious espresso tonic

  1. Take a highball glass and fill it with ice cubes.
  2. Slowly pour the tonic water into the glass until it is almost full.
  3. Prepare a freshly brewed espresso.
  4. Pour the espresso very gently over the tonic water. Be careful not to mix the two liquids to create the floating layer effect.
  5. For an extra touch of freshness and citrus flavor, garnish the drink with a lemon zest.

Lean back and enjoy the extraordinary combination of invigorating caffeine and refreshing tonic water. Cheers!

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