Addiction Mother with 800 tattoos is banned from pubs and schools

Welsh Melissa Sloan (46) is not a woman like any other. This immediately catches the eye, because more than 800 tattoos cover her body. Opinions differ on her appearance, she is often alienated and rejected.

Melissa has a goal

The mother of two believes she is the “most tattooed person alive”. “I want to be a record holder. I’m trying to get into the Guinness Book,” she said in an interview with the “Mirror”. She’s covered in tattoos almost all over her body, with “three layers” on her face, she explained. Enthusiastic about her looks, she loves getting tattooed. At least three sessions a week are part of everyday life, otherwise she is missing something.


But Melissa also knows that her tattoo addiction is getting in her own way. So she can’t find a job, and according to her own statement, she was rejected when she covered the facial tattoos with cosmetics. Even an application as a toilet lady was not successful because of the tattoos.

Banned from public life

A ban on visiting the nearby pubs makes Melissa sad above all because she misses the conversations at the bar. Much more serious, however, is the fact that, according to her own statement, she is no longer allowed to enter the children’s school. She was only allowed to watch the Christmas nativity play through the window so as not to shock other parents and children. In general, she is not invited to school celebrations.

Even tattoo artists are skeptical

Melissa has also reported that her apparent addiction to having ink on her body has even resulted in tattoo parlors turning her down. Maybe she really “went too far”. Still, she won’t stop until “every bit of skin” is covered, according to Melissa.

Her partner Luke does most of the tattoos at home anyway. He also does the “paint overs” especially on the face when Melissa isn’t happy with all the flowers and crucifixes. “I’m addicted to tattoos, I get three a week and I’ll never stop – if I make it to 70 I’ll still get them,” reads the clear statement.

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