Wanderers from 3 zodiac signs are absolute daydreamers

Some people are real daydreamers. In particular, the character of three zodiac signs ensures that they keep getting lost in cloud cuckoo land.

Actually, real daydreamers are to be envied. Because they easily manage to hide the rigors of everyday life and put themselves in a more beautiful world where worries and hardships are far away.

But where there is light, there is also shadow. Because some people are so busy with their fantasies that they can no longer deal with the realities. Be it the missed tax return, be it the missed job interview – real daydreamers often find themselves in trouble for no reason. There are three zodiac signs in particular that prefer to deal with castles in the air rather than devote themselves to everyday life.

Zodiac sign Pisces – Roman heroes gone astray

If Pisces love anything, it’s the romantic stories they avidly consume in book form or on film. The problem: This zodiac sign has a hard time distinguishing between fiction and real life.

When Pisces pursues a love story in the novel, they believe that the same must be true if they fall in love themselves. They are bitterly disappointed when disputes about washing dishes or the untidy apartment dominate everyday life.

But the fish have a simple solution: they simply flee into the next novel. After all, all is right with the world here.

Zodiac sign Aquarius – unrealistic plans

“Could have, would, could”: These words determine the life of Aquarius. Because this zodiac sign often leads a life in the subjunctive.

In the imagination, Aquarius has grandiose plans and sees himself as a company boss or a celebrated novelist. Unfortunately, this zodiac sign overlooks that success often goes hand in hand with a lot of sweat and fails to tackle their projects energetically.

Aquarius would do well to be more doers and less dreamers. Actually, the plans of this imaginative and visionary zodiac sign are not bad at all. They just have to be implemented, which brings us back to the subjunctive.

This is how the Aquarius zodiac sign ticks.

Zodiac sign Cancer – Escape from the constraints

Unlike Aquarius, Cancer truly deserves its daydreaming. Because this caring zodiac sign is in many cases busy day in and day out taking care of the well-being of their loved ones.

For Cancer, this self-imposed obligation quickly becomes a full-time job. In the morning the bread is made for the children. Then the dear little ones are driven to school. The apartment is then brought into shape. And then the job is still waiting for this hard-working zodiac sign, which ultimately also wants to offer its loved ones something financially.

When everyone is taken care of in the evening and has gone to bed or is still sleeping peacefully in the early morning, the cancer finally has a chance to catch its breath. It’s no wonder that he then dreams of a world without obligations, in which the others will finally take care of him.

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