Unexpected roommate Man moves into a new apartment – and involuntarily buys a fluffy roommate

A move has surprises in store that we couldn’t have predicted beforehand: What will the new neighbors be like, the still unfamiliar living environment? The story of Sofia Ajram’s brother, however, is a special one – she told it on Twitter.

Friendly reception in the new domicile

On March 9, Sofia reported that her brother received a very warm welcome from a four-legged neighbor with orange fur. The animal unexpectedly stood in front of his door and came naturally into the apartment when it was opened. Obviously they knew their stuff and wasn’t visiting here for the first time.

House tiger probably had ancestral rights

It turned out that the cat, who goes by the name of Fermin, belongs to a neighbor. Fermin had probably had a deal with the previous resident and was allowed to come to him as he pleased.

Sofia’s brother was presented with a fait accompli

For the cat, this apartment was clearly part of his home – the new occupant was irrelevant. And Sofia’s brother didn’t have any serious objections either and was happy to come to terms with the guest who kept appearing. Interestingly, the cat came not only through the door, but sometimes over the balcony.

Fermin is sort of a partial roommate

In a Twitter clip, we can see how Fermin naturally inspects the new furniture and apparently checks Sofia’s brother’s furniture for its usability. The self-confident approach is amazing – a new friendship may be formed here. Sofia tweeted that they have since started a family chat to keep up to date on Fermin’s comings and goings…

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