Travel relaxed A simple packing formula will help you on your family vacation

It’s such a thing with family holidays: you really need them once you’ve packed your suitcase at the latest.

Not only does the busy parent have to think of everything, but they also have to figure out how many t-shirts, pants and socks the child may be going to use. Only: who can see into the future? As a precaution, many families pack too much. Better to be on the safe side with clean clothes. But the unnecessary lugging doesn’t have to be. A simple arithmetic formula takes a little weight off us – and also the associated mental load.

Simple pack formula helps for family vacations

The formula was developed by someone who knows all the tricks: family blogger Anni from “One always screams…”.

Anni is a mother of twins and because she gave birth to her children without instructions, she has to constantly improvise. She shares what she learns with the world on her blog. This is often incredibly fun to read – and practical. Because Anni doesn’t keep her best tips to herself.

This is how you calculate what to pack

On her blog we found the formula for packing your bags before the family vacation. Take the number of vacation days and multiply them as follows:

Pants: Holiday days x 1.2

T shirts: Vacation days x 1.35 (Anni’s extra tip: “Is there a breakfast buffet with Nutella at the vacation spot? Then simply multiply the vacation days by 4.5”)

Socks: Holiday days x 0.8 (for normal beach holidays, of course. Not for hiking holidays)

underpants: one per day plus one reserve per day. This applies to small children. With increasing age, you can omit the reserve.

If the calculation does not result in a round result, Anni recommends rounding up generously to the next number.

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