Time Wasters and Goal Traps 5 things successful people don’t waste time on

Success can mean very different things to different people: for some people it means inspiring or entertaining others, for others it means having lots of money, power or both. Some people associate success with leaving unmistakable traces in the world or in history, while others strive to glide through life as calmly and unobtrusively as possible. Success is always linked to our individual goals, so the way to get there is different for each person. The amount of time we spend reading, exercising, or social media every day says nothing about how successful we are. However, there are certain things that are more typically time wasters and don’t get us moving forward, regardless of how we define success.

Here are 5 things successful people don’t usually spend time doing

Success Rule 1: Regret past mistakes

Once done, we cannot undo it. Getting angry about it and regretting, “Oh, if only I had…” costs time and energy, but usually brings little benefit. Anger and regret can show us what we want or how we want to improve, but if they only lead to regret, they don’t help us much. Successful people see mistakes brought to their attention through anger or regret primarily as valuable information. They draw insights that can move them forward and help them now and in the future. This applies not only to mistakes you make yourself, but also to mistakes made by other people. Successful people rarely hold grudges and are good at forgiving, both themselves and others.

Success rule 2: Repeat mistakes

Albert Einstein is reported to have said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.” It’s easy to agree with that, but it’s often hard to put that wisdom into action. Since many of our thoughts, feelings and actions are based on ingrained patterns, we usually cannot simply eliminate mistakes. It often takes multiple attempts and strong willpower to change these behaviors – assuming we notice them at all. Successful people are just as bound by patterns as others, but they’re often better at breaking out and breaking free. They observe their behavior, collect information and reflect in order to change something. They are very attentive to mistakes and learn a lot from them, making them less likely to be repeated.

Success rule 3: strive for perfection

Diligence, attention to detail and discipline are important qualities that distinguish successful people. However, you also know that there comes a point where further effort makes little difference. They master the art of letting go and realize that absolute perfection is unattainable and possibly an illusion. Instead of striving for it, they focus on the joy and fulfillment in their actions.

Success Rule 4: Worry about something you can’t control

As humans, we tend to worry about many things, especially the future, different opportunities, and other people. Successful people consciously focus on what they can or must influence. They recognize the limits of their influence and invest their energies in planning, preparation, and self-care rather than being weighed down by bottomless tubs of worry.

Success rule 5: Measure yourself against other people

It is natural to compare and compete with others as we have a need for clarity and direction. But successful people can differentiate. They look at the differences and similarities, perceive alternative perspectives and see the value of comparison. However, they always maintain their own path and speed so as not to be distracted from their individual goals.

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