Time change clock is presented: With jet lag in the summer time

It’s that time again: On March 29, 2020 at two in the morning the time will be put forward one hour. In the morning it stays dark an hour longer, but finally it is light an hour longer in the evening. For many people, the time change is the unofficial, long-awaited beginning of spring.

You want to set your alarm for Monday, but have already completely forgotten whether you need to put the clock forward or backward? You can find out how to finally remember this in the video above.

Germans want summer time

A few years ago, many Germans had hope: In an Internet survey by the European Union, millions of EU citizens voted to abolish the time change. The then Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced that he would submit a legislative proposal that would have allowed the countries themselves to decide whether they wanted to use summer or winter time. So far, however, there has been no progress in this area.

Most of us would love to have Daylight Saving Time all year long. However, this is not good for our body at all, as Matthias Habel, meteorologist at “WetterOnline”, explains: “From a biological point of view, a year-round winter time would be much healthier for us because it suits our daily rhythm better.”

Many suffer from insomnia after the time change. has the best tips for a restful sleep for you.

What are the health consequences of the time change?

Due to the regular time change, our inner clock is disturbed. Not only our metabolism, but also our sleep-wake cycle is messed up, explained. Meteorologist Habel. It can take up to two weeks for our body to regain balance. This creates the feeling of mini jetlag that we normally only experience when we have traveled to a different time zone.

Tips against mini jet lag

You don’t have to do nothing about the time change, there are a few little things that you can change in your daily routine and the “jet lag” is no longer so bad.

Try to go to bed earlier before the time change – this way your body can adapt better.

Exercise a lot in the fresh air, it will boost your metabolism again.

Try to avoid important projects in the days after the time change so that you don’t get into trouble due to lack of concentration or tiredness.

Before going to bed, natural sleep aids such as lemon balm, hops, a relaxing bath or hot milk with honey can help.

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