Summer in Germany You should definitely not make eleven mistakes in the sun

When the sun is shining, many people use every free minute to tan. But beware: Extensive sunbathing can damage the skin in the long term. We tell you what to look out for in the sun.

Every year more than 100,000 people in Germany develop skin cancer. One of the biggest risk factors: UV radiation. Still, passionate sunbathers don’t have to give up enjoying the summer outdoors – as long as you avoid the following mistakes.

Don’t stay in the sun for too long

The time on vacation is often short – so hurry to the beach and enjoy the sun’s rays? D rather not! The skin needs time to get used to the sun. Especially at the beginning you should only be in the sun for a short time.

Incidentally, going to the solarium is not a suitable way to prepare your skin for the sun. Because: The light in the solarium differs from the real rays of the sun – even if the tan is the same.

Never go out in the sun without sunscreen

The top rule: apply lotion! It doesn’t matter whether you’re tanned or not: Sunscreen is essential in any case. Basically, it is advisable to choose a product with a high sun protection factor. This decides how long you can ultimately stay in the sun.

Less is more – this principle does not apply to sunscreen. Instead, it is better to apply it thickly, otherwise you may not achieve the desired sun protection factor and you will not be as well protected.

Then you need a little patience: After you have applied the cream, you should wait 30 minutes before lying in the sun.

Don’t forget to reapply

The protective effect of sunscreen decreases over time. That’s why it’s important to reapply regularly – about every two to three hours. Do not neglect any skin area: Often forgotten areas such as the back of the foot, nose and neck also need protection.

More sunscreen, longer effect? That’s not true!

There is no way to avoid regular creaming. Using more sunscreen will not increase the duration of the effects. So always take a spray or lotion with you so that you can always reapply.

The eyes also need protection

Choosing the right sunglasses is essential: the perfect model should be equipped with a suitable UV filter. To protect the scalp, a hat is a good way to enjoy the sun’s rays without hesitation.

After the water – apply new lotion

After splashing around, the sun protection must be renewed. Even supposedly waterproof sunscreen cannot completely withstand the cool water. It is therefore very important to apply cream properly after every bath.

Use sunscreen from last year? D rather not

Haven’t used up the sunscreen from last summer yet? Better throw them away. The sun protection factor can no longer be guaranteed if the best-before date of the sunscreen has passed.

Do not lie in direct sun for more than two hours

Take regular breaks from sunbathing. In general, you should not spend more than two hours a day in the direct sun.

It is advisable to relax in a shady place, especially at midday, when the radiation is particularly strong. Caution: sunscreen is also essential in the shade.

Sun allergy – you need to know that

Does your skin become inflamed after being in the sun for a long time? Then you should avoid UV light in the future. A sun allergy is often noticeable through redness, itching and hives and is a clear sign of the skin that you have caught too much sun.

Beware of sunburn

Do you tan faster after sunburn? This may work, but it is highly dangerous. Any sunburn is a serious injury that causes permanent damage to the skin. In addition, the risk of developing skin cancer increases enormously.

Don’t jump into the water too quickly!

The heat can be dangerous not only for the skin. Even if it is wonderfully refreshing: jumping into the ice-cold pool or the sea when the temperature is over 30 degrees can put a great strain on the body due to the rapid change from hot to cold. Therefore, it is better to go step by step into the water.

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