Strong role model Man accompanies his son (3) to his manicure – the teacher had forbidden him painted nails

It is actually a kindergarten education from the day before yesterday that Ashton’s father Christian denounces in his TikTok clips. He’s a teacher himself in Los Angeles County, California, and has vented his anger in two short videos.

Manicure and pedicure for three year old Ashton

The online platform “” reported on the incident with reference to NBC News. In the TikTok clips that went viral, Ashton says that in kindergarten it was said that painting nails was only for girls. When the boy came home frustrated because of this, the father decided: I’ll go to the nail salon with him!

Ashton loves nail polish

Christian reported that his son has been interested in colored nails for a long time. They have often painted their nails together at home.

To cheer up the kid after the kindergarten experience, he took him to a nail salon in West Hollywood. Ashton quickly decides on pink, as we can witness in the TikTok clip.

Son should grow up without boy-girl clichés

Ashton’s parents agree on the upbringing of their son. He should grow up without feelings of shame or guilt and “enjoy life to the fullest, without traditional gender norms,” ​​as Christian emphasizes.

Wanted to talk to the teachers

The father addressed the matter not only via social media, but also in kindergarten. “I just said to them, ‘Hey, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t say that to Ashton, please kindly let him do his own thing,'” Christian said.

His approach to the topic has met with a lot of approval among TikTok users. The classification of the three-year-old as “gay” mentioned in the second clip also stunned the commentators as well as the committed father.

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