Strange incident Owner films himself cooking with his chicken – and then screams in horror


Apparently, his penchant for poultry, which can be seen in the TikTok clips from “los_entos”, has not changed his eating habits in the long term. Because the man from Bremen is obviously not a vegetarian, otherwise his short video from 01.01.23, which went viral, would not have had the strange moment of shock.

Cooking with the domestic chicken

It is not entirely clear whether the feathered fellow is a rooster or a chicken. The TikToker, who has more than 30,000 followers with his clips, wrote under his 12-second video: “The chicken is a family member and is not slaughtered or anything like that!” On the other hand, after the shocking taste, it says: “He just ate himself.”

What do we experience in the clip?

Actually, “los_entos” only wants to let us participate in the preparation of the food. He explains that there should be chicken with noodles and Asian-inspired vegetables and shows the pans and the noodle pot. So far – so unspectacular. However, the chicken can also be seen on the worktop, following what is happening attentively.

Surprising turn

Just as the filming chef turns away from the stove to show the probably already finished vegetables on the other side, the lapse of the chicken occurs: “los_entos” may have noticed it out of the corner of his eye and immediately pans back to the poultry, the just picked a sample from the meat pan. His scream of terror echoes through the kitchen.

Lots of funny comments

Many TikTok users have commented on the small scene. Here it is irritated: “Digga, who puts their chicken on the worktop?”, but cannibalism is also mentioned again and again. One prankster notes, “He was still trying to communicate with his brother,” another writes that it may have been a family member of the chicken…


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