Spring is just around the corner and so is Easter. So that you can give your home a nice interior update, we present five great decorating ideas.

Easter is coming! This means that we can finally give our home another spring-like update. That’s why we looked for beautiful decoration ideas at Depot and Otto and found five objects with which you can decorate the Easter table in a festive way.

The most beautiful decoration ideas for a festive Easter table

1. Decorative standee

The first deco is cute and kitschy at the same time, but that’s what we love about it. Because when can you be super kitschy if not at Christmas and Easter? At Otto we found a decorative standee with a rabbit and Easter egg motif, which is adorned with the saying “Happy Easter”. We can set up the object as we wish: be it directly on the decorated dining table, the cupboard or the chest of drawers.

2. Easter themed napkins

To round off the table decoration perfectly, we use thematically matching napkins with a rabbit motif. Thanks to this incredibly cute table accessory, drinking coffee and eating cake is twice as much fun.

3. Set of 6 decorative Easter eggs

Whether on the table or hanging in the window – the Easter egg set is the perfect decoration for the party. It comes with six glass eggs with a practical hanging cord, all of which are filled with dried flowers. Two of the eggs are filled with white, two with pink and two with green dried flowers.

4. Spring-like decorative figure “Rabbit”

Another cute decorative piece is the hand-painted, glazed orange porcelain rabbit standee. This figure is not only perfect for Easter because of the motif, the color also feels like spring. In addition to orange, the figure is also available in green and white.

5. “Lamb” baking pan

So that you can offer your family something delicious to snack on on Easter Sunday, you can use the lamb baking pan to bake a traditional lamb cake. You can now take the mold out of the cupboard every year and bake the perfect Easter cake.

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