Spring decoration The 5 most beautiful interior trends for the bedroom from H&M & Co.

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The time has finally come: Spring is here! At H&M & Co. we looked around for decorations that you can use to give your bedroom a fresh coat of paint and start spring in style. With fresh and cheerful, delicate shades, getting up in the morning is twice as much fun.

With this bedroom decoration you set spring-like accents

H&M & Co.: Find inspiration for a bedroom update here

1. Dusty rose flower pot

The first decorative object allows you to give your bedroom a spring update in a cheap, quick and easy way. We’re talking about a playful flower pot in dusky pink with a bubble look, reminiscent of the hyped bubble candles. The example comes with a diameter of 14.5 cm and is also available in a version with a diameter of 9.5 cm and 17 cm. So each of your plants will find their suitable cachepot.

Bubble flower pot (D: 14.5 cm, H: 16 cm)

2. Ceramic jewelry bowl

If you would like a nice place to store your jewelry in which you can easily put your jewelry and have it quickly to hand, we have found an elegant ceramic jewelry bowl on Amazon that comes in spring pink and has space for your rings, earrings, etc. This is a cheap and easy way to set a spring-like accent in soft pink in your bedroom.

3. Orange bedspread for bed

To make your bed look even tidier and more stylish during the day, you can set spring-like accents with an elegant bedspread. With the bedspread in orange from H&M, for example, this is possible for little money. And when you go to bed in the evening, the decorative piece always reminds you of spring, the sun and great weather.

Orange bedspread (130 x 170 cm)

4. Foldable bedside lamp

If you are looking for a new bedside lamp, we have found a gorgeous example at H&M in pink. With the high-quality folding look, it immediately upgrades every bedroom. The lamp measures 37 cm in height and 34 cm in diameter. It is also available in sage green and sunshine yellow.

Folded table lamp in pink

5. “Provence” scented candle

The last decorative element in our selection is the scented candle “Provence” from Ava & May with the scent of lavender, rose and lemon. The glass comes in a spring-like shade of lilac and the smell also exudes the first aromas of spring, which put us in the warm season.

Ava & May scented candle in “Provence”

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