Spring cleaning checklist The most important to-do’s at a glance

Spring is finally officially here. And with him many start the annual spring cleaning. Here we offer you a checklist with the most important tasks in the household.

Spring cleaning is a tradition in many households. In hardly any other season is there as much cleaning as in spring. There is a very specific reason for this:

Originally, the concept of spring cleaning arose from the winter use of coal and wood stoves, which were used for heating and cooking until the late 19th century. When it got warmer in the spring, the house had to be cleaned and aired, and laundry washed to remove ash and soot residue.

Few people now need to remove ash residue during spring cleaning, but there are plenty of other things to do.

And while there’s no perfect time to start cleaning, it’s best to start in March – and appropriately with the meteorological start of spring. Then the house will be tidy for Easter and for any visitors and you can enjoy the holidays in a relaxed manner.

In addition, the main work in the garden is due in March, which you can help to do as part of the big clean-up.

Spring cleaning: checklist for the most important tasks

Spring cleaning checklist
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Thorough cleaning of the whole house involves many tasks. To help you keep track, we have created a list of the most important tasks:

Your checklist for the big Easter cleaning

  • Clear out and declutter
    Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity not only to clear out the house, but also in the basement, garage or attic. You can find our top decluttering tips here.

    Clearing out the cupboards and shelves is also the perfect opportunity to wipe them properly. If you clear out your wardrobe and linen closet, you can also freshly wash clothes that have been stored for a long time, but also those that have just been worn, as well as used bed linen, mattress covers, etc.

    This year it is also a good idea to donate some things that you no longer need to the Ukrainian population as part of the cleaning process. The population still needs all sorts of clothes and things that are needed in everyday life.

  • Around the window
    Window cleaning is part of the major cleaning. If you want to do a particularly thorough cleaning, you can also wash the curtains and clean the roller shutters and window frames, both inside and out. You can find out how to clean your window glass without leaving streaks here.
  • Clean carpets and lamps

    All kinds of dirt and dust often collect in carpets. Therefore, you should use the spring cleaning to beat and wash your carpets. This also allows you to thoroughly clean the exposed floors.

    Dust also tends to accumulate on lamps, especially ceiling lamps that are hanging out of our sight. Therefore, you should wipe them off thoroughly. In general, you can use the big sweep to sweep dust in hidden places and corners that aren’t usually seen.

  • Don’t forget furniture when spring cleaning

    Your furniture should also be dusted and wiped clean. Wooden furniture can also be polished. If you have furniture that you want to put on the balcony or terrace in spring, you can make it fit for spring at the same time.

  • Bleed the radiator

    After the heaters have been in full operation in winter, you should bleed them in the spring. All you need is a bowl, a towel and a square wrench or pipe pump pliers. You can find the instructions here.

  • Kitchen spring cleaning

    Most items in the kitchen are used almost every day, but cleaned comparatively rarely. Therefore, you should take the time to thoroughly clean the oven, microwave and stove. Fridges and freezers should also be cleaned regularly, and kettles and coffee machines should be descaled and cleaned.

    Over the course of a year, food scraps and other small waste tend to accumulate in the drains, which should therefore be cleaned.

  • All around the bathroom

    In the bathroom, cleaning and, above all, the important descaling of washbasins, bathtubs, showers, taps, shower heads, toilets and washing machines are on the agenda.

    On top of that, the drains in the bathroom should also be freed from hair and the like. We have examined for you which home remedies you can use to do this best.

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