Social media hit Anton cooks for his hamsters every day – “They particularly like pancakes”

Hardly any animal leads such a life of luxury: the two Syrian golden hamsters Mr. Marshmallow and Mr Liquorice from Anton A. from Scotland can look forward to home-cooked food from their master.

The animal owner reveals to the British “Daily Mail” how the varied diet of his hamsters began. First, he did “taste tests” to understand what they liked. “The first thing Mr. Marshmallow ever tasted was a watermelon, and he loved it,” Anton said.

Hamster delicacies are wowing social media users

“Then I did a lot of research and followed some recipes I found online,” he continues. “But then I decided I wanted to try to do my own stuff for her.”

No sooner said than done: Anton now has around 100 recipes for his hamsters up his sleeve. These include hearty dishes such as curry or pasta, but also sweets such as cheese or apple pie. This is not only well received by the rodents, but also by social media users: Anton now has more than 599,200 followers on TikTok, where his videos have already collected around 21.9 million likes.

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