Snowfall and slippery roads Caution! Danger of ice on Wednesday morning in Germany

On Monday there were 23.7 degrees in Chemnitz, Bad Lobenstein and Treuen. And just one day later the snow is back. In addition to the snowfall, it will also continue to be stormy. But the next change in the weather is already on the horizon.

Cold front is approaching from the north

A heavy rain area is moving towards Germany from the north. But at the same time, cold air also flows in. This means that the rain will gradually turn into snowfall. In Berlin it is already snowing in the late afternoon, while the south can only expect snowfall on Wednesday night.

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That also means that it gets cold at night. Slight ground frost is to be expected. And with that comes widespread slippery roads on Wednesday morning. Caution is advised.

In addition to the snowfall, it is also very stormy. The wind peaks reach up to 100 km/h in the south – otherwise up to 80 km/h. The wind decreases in the evening and the storm situation is over for the time being on Tuesday evening.

Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the wind. Due to the many storms and the sometimes very heavy rain, branches can fall down at any time or even trees can be blown over.

Snow and snow showers on Wednesday

There won’t be that much snow. Although the snowfall in the Alps and also in the greater Munich area stops towards the end of the night, a new snowfall area is moving from the Netherlands to central Germany. So snowfall will remain an issue on Wednesday, even if it gets sunny in the north and south in between.

A real snow cover will not be able to hold. Temperatures will fall into the single digits, but at +8 degrees the snow won’t last long.

Danger of ice throughout the country

In the north there will also be heavy snow showers on Wednesday. The very cold air creates the ideal conditions for this. During snow showers, visibility can drop to zero within seconds.

Thursday night will be frosty again, with light frost or at least ground frost. But then the weather changes again.

New warmth for the weekend

From Thursday, a window for warm Mediterranean air that flows to Germany will open again. Temperatures of around 20 degrees are possible on Friday and Saturday before it rains again on Sunday. The changeable weather continues, but a very nice weekend is waiting for us. And that compensates at least a little for the snow in March.

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